Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mosquito Lesson

I just had a cool experience. I was bit by a mosquito 15 mins ago. Suddenly, It flew right in front of my face, so I reacted with speed and smashed it, the second I saw it. This taught me a great lesson:

How fast do I react, remove, and exterminate things in my life that suck life from me? How quick do I take care of it?

I dropped everything I had in my hands and took care of the problem. Which, IF I wouldn’t have reacted, it might have bit me a few more times, creating DAYS of being uncomfortable with annoying itches!! Which was not necessary!

I knew the mosquito was there because of the bite on my leg. But I couldn’t see him yet. Once I found it, in clear view, it was mine. The End. I am going to work on this more, eliminating toxic waste. HEY! A cool healing factor from my cleanse!!! J (I’m doing the master cleanse right now.) J

Dreamer Di

Challenge: I challenge you to exterminate the life sucking things in your life

Words of the day: Bring it on

Ready For Love

I have came to the point of being ready for a companion. :)

Sadly, my dog past away last week, it was really hard for sure, but I believe there was purpose there. I believe that her companionship leaving me was the last thing needed to prepare my heart for the love and companionship of a man. It has been a long process to get here, but I believe I am now ripe, ready to fully love.

I am excited to see what fruit is grown from this realization.

Love, Dreamer Di

Peaceful Consistent Work

Do you ever want to do everything at one time?

I have found myself moving at a different pace. I don't know if I would call it slower, but it's definitely different.

I have finally let myself loose again. I have had such a clamp on my life, that I haven't been able to flow like I have in the past. I am enjoying what I am experiencing at this time. I am happy, way happier than I was when I was pushing so much.

I have learned that you are to take your work and do your work in peaceful consistency. It's an interesting concept, for I have been an adrenaline junky for such a long time, so to sit back and chill is interesting.

I will tell you this though, I have actually been feeling excited, and emotion that I had always shot down. It is the best high I've ever experienced, and the cool part is, it's 100% natural and good for you.

I really appreciate all of you that read my blogs, watch my youtube videos and support me. You guys are wonderful and I love you.

Dreamer Di

Word of the day: Peace

Challenge: Do things that bring you peace and make you happy

I really do love and appreciate you.

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