Saturday, March 10, 2012

A secret I will not tell.

Perhaps creating vocal yoga with Naomi at almost midnight isn't the best timing. For there are some seemingly heavy and perhaps angry footsteps coming from the upstairs flat. Our loud screaming (for releasing purposes of course) and hysterically laughing is obviously not appreciated by everyone!

Walking out of a park today I met a little old lady named Joan. You know, as I know, that I fell madly in love with her from the moment I saw her. We walked til the end of the block, I told her I missed my granny (well like 8 of them at Fairbrook Grove Assisted Living, in Mesa) dropped a couple tears and said goodbye. To be honest all I wanted to do was spend the afternoon with her, I guess I have realized that sweet elderly people give the best truest love, and I miss it.

I had a good cry today. My soul has had moments lately of being wrenched with homesickness for my family, friends and life and sweet dog Kiwi. I had been wanting to cry for a couple days but the perfect moment hadn't presented itself. Before I left Arizona, I had a handful of my closest friends and family write me a letter of love and encouragement, to read on a hard day. I felt I would need them. I decided to read one of my love letters today. I picked one out of the pile and when I saw it was from my sister Natalee, my love for her overtook me, which then released all the pent up waterfalls. I feel better now. :) I love my dear little Natalee boo.

Today I have pondered of what to share with others concerning my life. I have always been so open, for the purpose of giving of my experiences to teach others of possibilities. But in the past couple days I have wondered what I should keep in secret or in open. Which information benefits others and what is cast aside, leaving me feeling like I cast pearls before swine. What is appreciated and what isn't. Mystery is enchanting, is it not? I am debating and investigating this theory. What does being mysterious attract? Will it attract what you want? Give you more choice? I am not yet sure what pieces you shade and what pieces you let shine, but the only way I will learn is to find out and asses for myself. This will be a slow and steady process, for my plate is rather full of delicious arts of work, but I will dabble slightly and see what results are produced.


Worth: My body is slowly healing to Gods perception. Yesterday, a couple times, my worth was tested. Ignorance is not always bliss. The outcome opened my eyes to more of what I’m worth and what to look for.

Dreaming: My ideas are being tested. I have often questioned the last couple days if what I'm doing is worth it. This is one of the hardest things I have ever done, but I believe the results in joy, transformation and adventure will triumph over the strain.

Passions: I still have not found a piano to play, I literally feel like I have lost an essential internal organ. (pun not intended) But, hopefully tomorrow we can bring home the keyboard, someone said I could borrow, and hopefully it will fill the need. I pray the next moment I set fingers on an actual piano, that I will be alone, for tears of gratitude wilt roll from my face. I realize I have taken so many things for granted; this has caused a lot of pain the last couple days. For I miss the beauty of what I had so easily at my fingertips and touch. I have begun to paint again, which I brought with me, and also have picked up my writing again. My books I am writing "I am, Learning Who You Are Through Jesus Christ" and "Faith to Move Mountains" are back in full swing and my chest almost bursts at the idea and opportunity, as words flow from my fingertips. This is where I belong.

Relationship with God: There have been some momentous moments here. I have seen God respond more quickly than I ever have. Each decision and act of faith I take, is just as scary and breathtaking as the first, but God is showing me positive results as I gracefully step through the beautiful yellow tulips of His garden in a flowing green gown. On a journey like this I cleave to Him fully, for He is the only thing constant at this time of my life.

Health: Walked about 2 hours today. Ate like a chap. Need to drink more water. Took nap, feel great! :)

Satisfaction: I felt satisfied with my day today. All of it. :) I am quite proud of myself and my accomplishments today. Also made wise financial choice and took time for myself. I= happy.

I have never wanted waterproof makeup more in my life. I have walked out of places with Kiss style make up down my cheeks, but I am grateful I can feel, for I once felt nothing.

I really do love you and want you to succeed,
Dreamer Di <3

My theme song;

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I swear! I don't do drugs.. Im just happy!

I feel stinkin amazing. I have had the best day today.

I made a new friend, named James. He was the water system repair man, He ended up staying and hanging out for an hour, luckily I was one of His last jobs.. :) We had the best chat, laughed, talked about tons of things, I played him some of my music I am working on right now and I'm excited to hang out with Him again. Such a wonderful guy! I am really enjoying the kind Men I am meeting here in London!

I went to bikram yoga. Which is where you do a 90 min yoga class in a 100 degree 40% humidity room and you sweat your guts out and I love it! I practiced this type of Yoga in the states and I'm so happy I found it here too! It is quite different than the yoga I practice before, but enough the same that I don't feel like a beginner. A couple more classes and I'll know the order of postures and be able to flow. :)

I ate like a champ. Had 2 meals today. Dark leafy lettuce wraps filled with rice, chicken, carrots, cream cheese, raw smoked salmon and hot sauce(duh). Some deliciously chewy grain bread, slightly warmed with butter and honey. Lots of water and a piece of hazel nut chocolate for a treat. :) Yummy.

I had the house to myself, so I decided to have some fun. Sometimes I like to talk to myself and act out scenes, and I took well advantage of it tonight! I had the most amazing night chatting with imaginary friends in imaginary scenarios. Gosh, sounds so crazy, but I really had fun.

I imagined a beautiful Spanish man named Alejandro, tall, with wavy hair, slightly past His ears. His eyes were dark brown and you could almost not stare at them, for they were so beautiful and true. Large stature with nice definition in his arms, with a very defined collar bone. I'll stop there, but all I can say is he was a HUNK! haha

We took a train to the coast of Spain and he surprised me by taking me to the BEST sea food restaurant. (my fave) Where I had the most amazing shrimp, cooked in the most delicious butter I have ever tasted in my life, then with a slight sprinkle of garlic! OOOO! And the rice was so tasty I wished I could eat one piece of rice at a time. While the cooked carrots! Oh the carrots! Were cooked perfectly decorated, slightly sweet and smoky, almost so good I wondered if they were sprinkled with magic! The desert was a masterpiece, a round fist sized Chocolate Mountain of cake heaven with hot caramel rolling off the edges onto the hot plate. Served with two spoons we each took a bite. As the steam radiated from our mouths, our breath was taken away by the gasp of deliciousness and a moment of silence just magically happened throughout the entire restaurant. (haha)

After dinner we walked in the moon light on the beach. I was barefoot, by the way, and I was walking closest to the ocean and the waves were lightly caressing my feet... He was ever so smooth as he caught my hand, gently, mid swing. Which surprised me, every blood cell and molecule of breath in my body was giving a round of applause in joy, yet, I played it cool... THEN! All of a sudden, smiling sweetly, I took a step... And low and behold! right under my step, was a crab! I nearly had a baby as I screamed a high C and leaped ferociously into the air, and you'll never guess, it happens just like in movies. I happened to leap right into Alejandro's arms!!!!!!!!! (Insert sappy instrumental music here)

Which I then cleared my throat and said, "Uhhhh, I... think I stepped on something." You know, that moment when you expect something so romantic to be said, and you hold your breath in suspense!! But instead it's this dead end line and you roll you eyes because you had hoped it was a kissing scene... Yeah yeah, I've been with you when you've watched these movies, I've seen your reactions. haha But come on, Alejandro and I are just starting to get to know each other! Kissing so soon would be too easy, have some respect!

Anyway the night ended wonderfully and he walked me home, He kissed my hand like a gentleman, and I shut the door.
The End (Applause, applause, standing ovation, "beautiful show!")

This is why I don't watch TV, I create my own Romantic Drama. ;)

When this story comes true you KNOW I will tell you about it. hahaha

It might be a bit awkward if the neighbors saw as I pranced around the house with glee in my own imaginations.

Word of the day: Buckwheat

Goal: To one day learn “I before e except after c” so I don’t have to keep spell checking words like believe, receive and perceive.

Challenge: I don't care how old you think you are, this is for you too.
Step One: Find a place you feel comfortable talking out loud to yourself
Step Two: Create an imaginary friend
Step Three: Let you imagination create a wonderful story for you to play in
Step Four: ACTION! Have fun, laugh hysterically, have your imaginary friend give you gifts, spend an outrageous amount on an elegant dinner on the coast of Australia, dance, cry etc!

You rock, and I love you, good luck ;)
Dreamer Di

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Declaration for Abundance

I have learned something else, and I am going to experiment with it.

A while ago I learned that my perception of my self worth is displayed in my financial standings. I had thought about this idea, but I hadn't let it sink in, until yesterday.

The Lord has given me the means to pay off my credit card, twice. Where I would pay it to zero and celebrate with joy that I was debt free and express that I wasn't going to use my credit card again. But again, both times, something "important" came up and the card was filled right to the limit again. I felt I hadn't been using my credit card so I always was dazzled that it was full and almost didn't understand. I understand why now...

As I am on this adventure here in eastern hemisphere, the only bills I have to pay right now is this one credit card and my school loan. As I was going over my finances and mapping out a financial plan, the debt was killing me. Interest being so high, it was literally eating my money like a smelly hairy monster! BOO! Go home ya beast! haha I thought over ideas. I decided to write an email to a friend, explaining my situation and pleading for the exact amount, willing to work out a payment plan based on percentages brought in, and interest to them would be included. $100 more than what they leant me. Ew it makes me sick to my stomach to think I almost sent it. The email didn't feel right so I saved it as a draft, to think on.

Reading that night, it was revealed to me again that my finances are a reflection of my beliefs of worth. I have been working on changing my belief systems from deprivation mode into abundance. I am seeing a difference. I realize I don't need to go into debt anymore, ever again. Asking for a loan from someone else would just pacify the problem, give slight relief, but the issue would still be there. I’m so glad I didn't send that email.

So last night I made a decision.  The ideas of a couple of my role models and trusted mentors came to mind. One: The only reason you go into debt is because you don't have money, you can change that. -Dani Johnson.
Two: There is no plan B. - Will smith
Meaning, There is no option to go into debt again, only into abundance. This takes trust, which I feel I have nothing to lose, for I have always been taken care of. I trust that God is the provider He says He is. So this is my step of action:

I've decided to pay my amount of debt in whole, for the last time, and close the accounts. I am making a declaration of freedom as I close these accounts. No turning back, not even an option to fail. It's in these moments, you feel just an inkling of unknown, slight fear, slight "This is stretching the heck out of me" slight "Holy Moses, that was a rush of freaking goodness!!" I also just paid the end of my school loan, and closed the account. I AM OFFICIALLY COMPLETELY ENTIRELY SPECTACULARLY SENSATIONALLY BEAUTIFULLY DEBT FREE AND IN ABUNDANCE!!!! :)

This was easier than I thought, for when you have nothing to lose you have everything to gain. For God owns everything in the world, He can add and take away. I am willing to take this risk. I believe using my travel/dream money to pay off my debt, I will reap great rewards, due to faith involved. I love my God. He is my favorite person and I am so grateful for the abundance He is opening my eyes to. He is willing to share with you also, talk to Him about it.

I'm not telling you this for you to feel worse about yourself according to the amount of debt you have. I am telling you this so you can open your eyes to where you need to focus, loving yourself, finding the worth God sees in you. He will provide a way for you to pay your debts. Christ already paid the debt for your life, who says He won't do it again. :) I believe that the more you love and respect yourself as a person, the more self worth you will feel. And who knows... Maybe the financial increase is a plus. :) I will be able to tell you my experience after this experiment.

Words of the moment: I'm hungry and going to go eat rye bread with cream cheese and raw smoked salmon.

Challenge: Dare to experiment with Gods word. Find if it's true yourself. ;)

With love,
Dreamer Di

I Must Fill Mine Passions Craving.

Yesterday was an interesting day of learning. I realized that I have been running from myself, who I am and what I have to offer the world. Yes, yes, you may think I have went bonkers, for my reputation portrays that I do "myself" pretty well and am doing what I can with what I have.

I have known for a while that I was a runner. When things got scary, or I felt vulnerable, able to get hurt, I would dip out. I have done this with friends and potential lovers for years. I don't want to do this anymore. I have learned in the past year or so how to recognize my want to run, and how to calm those fears and intense emotions. To sit still and breathe space, for my mind needs to settle again.

I realize that the first place I must start is to stop running from myself. An example is with my own health, I have been given this beautiful body and yet I hide behind the layers of excess. I'm not quite sure what I am afraid of, but I feel that my soul is gentle and doesn't want to be abused. So this is where I will start, with me. The running stops, today.

I prayed last night that God would guide my days starting with today, that He would make it really obvious, especially in the beginning, until I got the hang of it, what He wanted me to do. I feel like I have followed his spirit well in the past, but this is more. This I can feel hits deeper and requires even more trust. I feel I am now ready to listen.

My mind has been healing, part of my reason for this adventure is to heal my mind to truth. Step out of my old influences and fully to be led into Gods way of thinking. This has been going well but as always, healing is a process and isn't always easy.

At 6:45am I awoke to faint sunlight coming through the sheer violet curtains painting the round bay window. An overwhelming feeling beat a rhythm in my chest. An intense passion to find a piano to play. I started thinking of the places I had seen a piano during my London exploring. The list of beautiful ancient churches rolled into my mind. After a moment of thinking, as my chest was literally going to burst, I began to chuckle, for this was obviously what I was suppose to do today. God had heard my prayers. I am grateful, He has been responding quite quickly lately, and in ways my eyes can see. Call it a miracle, call it grace, but this is real.

I picture a ball room, tall ceilings, beautiful tiled shiny floors, and lavender walls laced with dated artwork. Huge windows face a lush garden, decorated with long dark flowing drapes. The smell is invigorating, as if something sweet is being cooked in the kitchen, maybe cinnamon rolls. In the middle of the room, in front of the open window, there is a full size grand piano. Shined and polished, with not a finger print in sight. A light breeze brushes my skin as I tip toe gracefully and carefully like a child to the piano, full of so much anticipation as I breathe "Can I play..?" I look around the room and not a soul is in sight, so I quietly sit down on the plush soft piano bench. I look around once again, realizing I'm alone, I press and hold one key, the ring of middle C echoes and fills the room, my soul vibrates as well. I place my hands on the keys and I begin to softly play a song I have only heard in my mind. As the moment builds, a tear begins to fall as I feel such resolution. For this is where my heart belongs, this is where I feel more than I ever have. My piano, my love, forgive me for running from your beauty, forgive me for letting you go. As I play louder my passion streams from my soul, I lean into each note as my heart sings through my fingers. I am home, this is where I belong.

As I sit here writing I see a medium sized black bird, red beaked and rustled feathers, flutter into a green leafy lattice. I wonder If he does what he loves. For birds fly with the wind, so I’m sure they flow. I can feel his excitement as he climbs through the lattice, maybe he has a nest in there, to shelter him from the cold. Have you ever wanted to be like a bird? Fly high in the blue, swooping and soaring to where the wind takes you? I think we all have the desire to fly, reach places that seem so untouchable it's almost magical when we experience it. We've all experienced moments like this at least once in our lifetime.

I want to fly more. Love more and live more. Let's find our passions together shall we? :)

Word of the day: popcorn

Challenge: Enjoy your day. Listen to your heart, ask it what it loves, what it needs. Let yourself experience the passion you feel as you indulge in what you're directed to do today. It may be something silly, I feel like I also want some fruit snacks.. So, I'm going to go buy a little package for 30pents. :) Go be happy today.

With Love,
Dreamer Di

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

London Exploration

It's been a couple days since I've written, It's been kinda nice to chill out a bit.

Friday night I realized something pretty big. I realize that in the past have never been satisfied. Which is a dangerous thought process. Ex: Dec 26, I made a goal to make $3000 extra, on top of what I made at Fairbrook with my parents, for Europe. Well, I made the goal, reached the $3000 in the 2 months and.. nothin. No celebration, no Joy, almost apathy towards it, no big deal. And I worked my tail off for it and when the reward came, it meant nothing to me. Then Arriving here in London, that is where I realized I had a problem, for all I wanted was to move on to the next thing. This really made me distraught, for I have worked so hard to get where I am, but if I do not enjoy it, I will not fully reap the rewards, this is with any goal. And from here my goals only get bigger and bigger, I will reach them, but I also want to enjoy them. I have to refocus my mind again, why I wanted to be here, what to accomplish etc. My goals have been: networking, connecting with the music world, exploring and enjoying life. I don't think I have truly enjoyed life in quite sometime. I used to be really good at it, but that was also when I didn't have any responsibilities, it is finding the balance now, between work and play. My favorite thing to do is work, but if I don't enjoy the fruits of my labor, I will soon burn out and possibly stop progressing due to protest of "this sucks, I'm a slave and everything I'm working on can kiss it" (Can you tell I've experienced this before? ;) ha) I'm now realizing that it is I that needs to learn to enjoy the moments I am in, which takes another level of trust, that I will still reach the places I want to go, even if I take the time to enjoy. So this is a new step of faith I am taking.

We walked through some beautiful Gardens.

We kept finding these Teepees all over the place, here's two of them.

Friday and Saturday Naomi and I walked all day, Like 7 hours. It was awesome, I was surprised that my body could handle speed walking for that amount of time, it did well. My job in Arizona at Fairbrook Grove I was on my feet all day, so I guess my body was used to it in some degree. :) We walked around and saw many beautiful things in London, I am going to study more about the places and go back the be able to give you more of a background. It is a beautiful city.

These are some videos of a little Market we stumbled upon :) Yum.

We rented bikes for the afternoon. only cost one pound to rent a bike for 24hours. Amazing! I'll probably do this again.

Rush hour was WAY different then I am used to. I have never seen so many people, moving so fast, in my life! I'm used to cars piled on a busy freeway, but not in London, getting on the train, which they call the tube, was intense! You pack in these little train cars like sardines! I was comfortable with the fact because I like to go to Music concerts, and be close to the front, and also huge dance parties, so body on body in a small area was normal. haha I would have taken a picture, but people didn't look very happy and I'm trying to be a part of the culture not a tourist. But I will see what I can do so you can see what I mean. The train system is really cool here. I am going to adventure out more the next couple days.
 Here's some more pictures :)

This is Royal Albert Hall, One of the most famous venues of the world, it is absolutely beautiful! Me and Naomi are going to see a show here the 17th of March called Classical Spectacular. Where The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra is going to play all the classics with thundering cannons and indoor fireworks. I am so excited for this show!

Common Gardens

Isn't she pretty!

Words of the day: "To be or not to be", and "Slow internet can die."

Challenge: Go to the market and buy yourself something from a different country. You might like it! ;) Yum.

Monday, March 5, 2012

London Breakfast

March 4th, 2012
I slept like the dead last night. I am taking the next couple days to unwind, I have worked so hard to get here and now that I am here I am going to enjoy myself. I'm so happy I brought my sleeping bag, it is PERFECT. I slept on Naomis bed with her, but the sleeping bag kept me warm, for they don't run their heaters like we do in America, so it is cold.. I will put a video together of her beautiful house when I get a change. It is lovely.
This is what we ate for breakfast. It is rye bread with cream cheese then raw smoked salmon. Holy Moses, I am loving the food over here. It is so good, I have a new fave. Also had a bowl of soup, I think I am going to eat a lot of soup here, for it is very good with the cold, also cheap and healthy. I also have been drinking tea all morning and did yoga, my daily scripture study and God time. It is almost noon here, which means it is like 5am in arizona where I'm from. :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Hello from London

Feel free to listen to the jam as you read. :)

So I'm sitting here in a coffe shop in London,I am wating for my friend to meet me again.  Let me begin my trip. I was almost oblivious as i said my goodbyes, tears, but not as many as i expected. I will missed probably just as much as i miss them. I've left my life, my friends, family and dog. But this is a journey i have a long waited for. Check in was a long process. Snapped one of my gutiar strings preparing it for travel on the plane. But I see this as a gift, for now I have an excuse to connect with music people and find a music store. I also learned that my friend Naomi had planned a surprise Jam seesion with one of her guy friends. I am very excited. ;0 But from check in through the flight from Pheonix to Chicago I think I was the most scared I've ever been in my entire life. Which, I am not usually afriad of anything, but I really got hit for about 4 hours. Thinking "what the heck did I just do?" It was pretty deep thought for a while. There were moments I wanted to cry, moments I wanted my mommy, wanted to say forget it and go back home. Obviously I didnt chicken out, but those feelings were real. I am happy I don't experience those often. I ended up sitting on the plane with this adorable 16year old young man on my flight from Chicago to London and totally forgot about everything I was feeling and we got to know eachother, I also slept for 3-4 hours which was nice.

Going through customs was fun... It took me two hours to get though customs, for with a one way ticket, and not having any proof that I was planning on leaving their country anytime soon, they had to make sure I wasn't going to stay.  This is my first time traveling internationally by myself and I'm not one to necessarily research everything. Hence, I act quickly and don't let excuses hold me back, which doesnt require me to have all the information to "move." I love this about myself, for I live a wonderfully abundant life. But, I also learn things by experience this way. I give myself grace, for I felt prepared as much as I could for what I knew. I feel there are so many bases to cover, that's why I depend so heavily on the Lord. for without Him, so many things would fall through the cracks and living my dreams would be so much more challenging and maybe nonexistant. For through Him I have realized more of what is possible. So I give it a try, and usually it works out quite nicely. :) I feel that as my mind expands, I learn quickly, act quickly and consistantly, therefore my life is more rich and full. I challenge you to explore expanding your mind and possibilities.

So  as I said, immigration into the UK took 2 hours. I had to show them all my bank accounts, searched all my things. "Come with me" "Take a seat." Upstairs, downstairs etc. They even read some of my going away love letters from my friends and family. haha Which if you wrote one, thank you, for your words of kindness just uplifted  and encouraged a handful of europeans as they read your thoughts! Who knew that you too would be influencing this part of the hemisphere!! ha So I thank you on their behalf, they probably needed it. It was a long process, and I prayed they'd let me though, but there was a slight hint of humor floating in my mind, a slight giggle everyonce and a while under my breath, Im still laughing now, for I learn by experience. See, I could have taken 2 hours and researched everything I learned with international travel today. But NO, that would be oh so boring!!! haha Instead, I got to experience it first hand in that same 2 hours! This was a moment I saw the Lords sense of humor and how well He knows me. I would highly reccommend researching more before you travel, to prevent any complications. For it was a real possibility that I wouldnt have been able to come through. I do believe my kindness and honesty helped the situation. For I told Him the truth, which then He also called my friend Naomi and interviewed Her also to verify my story was correct, which I didnt have anything to worry about, for our stories matched. Honesty always wins, it is so much easier that way. I love writing stories and imporvising, but not with the law.. ha

So I finally met up with Naomi! As you exited the airport doors into the greeting area there were at least 50 people lining the area holding signs with peoples names on it. Naomi had one for me too! haha I loved it!
We bought a Sim card for my phone, exchanged money, bought me an Oyster Card, for the train, and off we went!

So the english language is different over here, and I have already made some mistakes in communication, but luckaly they have been harmless. Here's one; I talked to Naomi about going to a "charity shop" which is thrift store for us in America, because I have been releasing weight and my pants were starting to be too big on me, falling off and I wanted to get some more. She gave me a really funny look, after a min of thought she then explained that they call pants trousers and what I had said to her translated into me saying that my underwear was too big and I wanted to buy some used underwear at a thrift store. hahahaha! She has been confused and thought it was obsurd and gross I wanted to buy used underwear. haha I'm sure it wont be the last mix up, but i'm thankful for kind friends around me.

This is Naomi, isn't she beautiful! She is such a wonderful person. I am so blessed to be able to stay with her for my time in London. We are going to have so much fun! I brought my music recording system and we are going to work on some songs together. Way excited! I'm sure you'll hear about her a lot during my UK stay. :)

 This is what we ate for lunch, It is japanese food. From a cafe called wasabi, they had all assorts of sushi and foods made with seaweed. :)

This is what it looked like inside. Chicken terriaki and rice wrapped in a crispy layer on sea weed! Yum! I'm craving it now!

Here is my Microphone that I brought to record with. I am really excited to play with this! :)

By the way, I just heard a Chuck Norris joke in a British accent, from a little kid. It's official that Chuck Norris is international.
My fave Chuck Norris joke btw: Superman and Chuck Norris had a contest who was the strongest, the looser had to wear his underwear outside his pants...

When we got off the train we had to walk to Naomis house, about a 10 min walk. We were bringing all my luggage.. All of a sudden in a beautiful british accent we hear "Do you need help?" I turned to see a very attractive Man about my age, which I then replied, "well, yes, :)" He then walked with us to our house, it was fun getting to know him. He is Naomis neighbor, He wants me to come over and play my guitar for Him and a couple of neighbor friends. I gladly accepted the offer. I just need to get my guitar string fixed. I'm sure I will see him again. ;) I have always had very good luck with international men, I am glad to see that is still truth. ;)

Naomi snuck a picture! haha His name is Ryan. :)

Naomi and I had a great evening and ate soup and bread, Her housemate Barbra was very nice too. I really like her. I also got to meet Naomis neighbot sue, who's dog, a mini sheltie, had gotten out of the backyard somehow and we helped her find the hole in her fence. :) very sweet little older lady. I am at home here. :)