Friday, August 16, 2013

Focus Protein

I must need more "focus protein" for my habit muscles. 

Golly George man.... I am STRUGGLING today to stay on track! All I wanna do is take a nap and not think of ANYTHING important! Fridays seem to be my hardest day to push through with excellence. I get to the end of the week and want to throw everything in the garbage disposal then start over new on Monday after a fun relaxing weekend. This Friday thing seems to be a pattern, I run out of "focus fuel" Thursdays around 5pm. I gotta find a new way to refuel myself so I finish strong Fridayafternoon...

This reminds me that I'm strengthening a "new muscle," making my habits to stick, takes work.


I'm going to go against how I feel and finish everything. If I die in the process.. I loved you... Haha ;)

Dreamer Di

Challenge: figure out how to fuel your focus

Word: cow


WOW. The more I work on my schedule and priorities I have learned something very important:

If I want to be prepared for the future, I can't make excuses, to not do the work now.

Ex: I was distracted a couple days (5 to be exact) in the last couple weeks and didn't get all my work done, work for $ I mean... So now I am 5 days short of income and feeling the stress and having the thought. "If I only would have worked those 5 days, I would be perfectly fine, feel relaxed and peaceful right now"

This taught me a lot actually. It is more then just money I can do this for. How many times in the future will I look back and say:
"If only I would have worked out Monday-Friday and stuck to my organic diet, I would not have cancer"
"If only I would have sang everyday, I might have gotten that gig"
"If only I would have spent more time with the people I love, for they are now gone"
"If only I would have figured out what was important to me, 20 years ago, I might not have destroyed what I love.

Pretty harsh but realistic realities.

Cause no matter what, when the future/moment comes, there is no more time for preparation. You either are prepared for that moment, or your not. Gosh it burns a little doesn't it? I am finishing everything on my list today that is TRULY important to me, and feeling happy about it, then I will do it again, tomorrow. 

I am happy and feel I can do this each day that I keep trying. Routine has been so helpful for getting everything accomplished.  I'm soooo glad I learned this lesson with loosing a couple hundred dollars, instead of something far more important. Hope you can work diligently now, to not have regrets later. Much love my friends.

Dreamer Di

Challenge: let's do this together

Word: Feather :)


Life is about evolution, evolving into your best self, daily. If you took even one step towards your destiny, you have been successful this day.  thanks to all my friends that have loved me through every level of change and will love me through all future transformations. Together we can create waves. 

Onward and upward warriors

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fight For That Dream

Is there something you've always wanted to be? Always wanted to do? Always wanted to go? What happened to that?

Why do we give up on things like that?

With negativity, fear and doubt knocking at your door sometimes holding on to hope is a fight.

But, ever thought about not answering the door? Maybe changing your address? Tell the sucker you got a restraining order, and to never come back?

Seriously.You don't need no poopoo on your dreams, so don't let it in!

It's time to go back to what you dreamed of, and stand up for it. Pull the old hobby out of the closet, dust off those dancing shoes, plan a trip.

There is still time to live how you dreamed as a child. I believe you can do it. Believe in yourself, and miracles can happen. 

I believe God has never given up on you, and never will. He should have given up on me a LONG time ago. But he's stuck with me... my truest friend. Ask him for help. He will guide you. He loves you, and wants you to be happy.

Let him bless you.

You can do this. You have to... Save your soul by living your desires. Do good, and be good.

Go get em Tiger,
Dreamer Di

Challenge: Be a warrior for your dreams. Take charge and protect them. You're the one that says when the party's over.

Word: Froggie :)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


You know it's interesting. No matter how perfect someone may look on the outside, they always have things they work on, things they struggle with.

Measuring yourself to someone's perfection is false. For your measuring to weakness and imperfection too.

I'm not saying you shouldn't follow people that have success. I actually support very strongly the idea of "find someone who has what you want, and do what they do." 

But don't be surprised if they don't hold up to your expectation of them. Expect nothing but human frailty along with their success.

Give people a break. Give yourself a break and stop comparing yourself to others. Live in excellence and be the best you can be every day, and you will reach your destination.

Make a plan, do it, stop expecting of others what is false: perfection

-Dreamer Di

Challenge: Relax
Word: Genie