Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Give Yourself What You Need

Good morning Dreamers,

I've been up since 3am, thinking.

Not the most ideal hour, but I realize it's because I didn't give myself time to think/process yesterday. By not planning time to meditate and think, I unknowingly I filled each minute of my day.

I'll give myself grace in that then, and take responsibility for not giving my mind what it needed. And what it needs right now is time, space, to process. So I will give it the opportunity to do so.

It's been interesting to find a balance for each piece of me. Example: now I have to plan a nap into my day to give my physical body what it needs.

I've learned the hard way that being imbalanced in any of these areas creates chaos and potential pain from failure.

It's taken trial and error methods to come up with the solutions and conclusions I have.

I respected my mind this morning by not getting angry for being awake but giving it a couple hours to work some things out.

Since my nervous breakdown in February 2012 I have had to learn how to give my mind and body what they need, not overwork them, and listen to them. 

I am learning how to honor my presence as a whole. I have blown by my body, mind and spirits desires for years. Disregarded their intentions, wisdom and needs. In doing so, it has brought me results and problems I do not want.

All I know is, because I have taken the time to get to know my body, mind and spirit, I am learning their needs, and my life is unfolding beauty. It is pleasent. 

We are so complexly made.

Balance is where I find peace. 

God has been a great help, friend and guide.

Hope you have a great day.

Might be nap time already,
Love Dreamer Di

Challenge: Contunue listening to your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical needs so you can balance and find peace.

Word: Almond 

Monday, December 30, 2013

Tasting Results

Hey Dreamers,

I've been working for years to downsize.

Refining everything about myself and my surroundings.

This comes with the information I put into my brain, the people I surround myself with, getting rid of nasty old habits, and disconnecting from things and beliefs that don't create a result and good.

One favorite thing/hobby has been to disconnect from material items. 

I am constantly going through what I have. I am realizing that my emotions have changed and they do not connect to things anymore. This is so freeing.

Talking with my roommate tonight I realized: I am mobile.

I am mobile.

Holy crap, I am mobile... I've created the exact environment and possibility that I have wanted for years.

I have created jobs for myself where I plan my own schedule, make as little or as much as I want. I can work anywhere in the world, still do what I love, and I am my own boss. 

The reality and result of the environment I have created is finally hitting me.

I have disconnected from greed and the desire to spend money.

With work I have grown to not fill empty wounds in my soul with things that are not nurturing. Food, money, stuff, lust, and entertainment is not where I turn anymore.

And because of that, my pant size is shrinking drastically, bank accounts increasing, material things decreasing, including the stress of protecting/owning it. My time is filled with meaningful things, people and purpose. I am so blessed.

It has been a struggle, beyond what I ever expected, and there is more refinement to come, but I have created space for what I love on a daily basis.

I still have work to do in perfecting my craft, gaining skills and following directions, but I'm tasting some results from my work.

I am getting down to the very essentials of what I need. Consistently working to let go of things, the past, fears, and excuses.

In doing so I have found so much freedom. Freedom you guys. Freedom.

You know, God asked me a while ago. "Diana, what do you want freedom to look like?"

I have taken that suggestion seriously and have worked to create freedom daily.

I have a couple decisions to make this year. A lot of them would not be possible if it weren't for the freedom I have created around me.

I wish I could express how blessed I feel.

As I make these decisions I will fill you in on them.

Diligent work pays off,
Love Dreamer Di

Challenge: Think about how you can downsize you life. It can be throwing out a bag of things you don't use, making time for what you love or saving money instead of spending it. You can do it.

Words: Ask God to guide you

To give you an example of how much I've downsized, this is where I sleep.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Perfection And Love :)

I'm learning a couple new things today.

One, that if you want results, you must be willing to give up perfection.

This is so freeing.

I've waited a long time to share pieces of me and my heart. I have waited until I felt it was good enough or perfect. Some times I have waited too long...

I am happy to realize that I do not have to be perfect before I share/be myself with others.

I realize I don't have to be perfect before I love someone or bless them with a gift of friendship.

I don't have to be perfect to do what I love or live life to the fullest either. 

I am not perfect, but am beautiful. You are beautiful, important and special.

It has been nice to let a lot of unrealistic expectations go.

Another thing I am learning is joining with another in love is about the two of you, not just you. 

It is not what you lack and how they do not fill your need. It is how much you can help each other move forward.

Today I was sad for a bit. As I prayed for the other party my own pain was lifted because I focused on lightening their load first. Sometimes a deeper understanding comes from stepping back and looking at the bigger picture.

I was grateful for this clarity today.

Anyway, I hope you can let go of perfection and love each moment, creation and piece of you.

Love Dreamer Di

Challenge: Lighten the load on someone you love.

Word: Friend

Thursday, December 19, 2013

We Are All The Same

This last week has been pretty good. 

I uncovered a lot of things. Some were easier to swallow than others, but all together, they equaled progress.

It's amazing how real things can feel in the moment. My journals are consistent with their ups and downs, pushes and pulls. In that aspect, I'm sure our lives look the same.

A great reminder that we are all the same. Each person is learning, growing, struggling and searching for joy.

We are all the same in desiring peace and being hopeful of the future. 

We are all the same in wanting to feel satisfied at the end of the day.

We are all the same in wanting to be fed on many different levels. Whether it be physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually etc.

We are all the same in wanting to be loved, accepted and cared for.

We are all the same in so many ways.

As we interact with people around us let us remember to be patient, kind and loving to each person.

Merry Christmas!
Dreamer Di

Challenge: Love someone in their differences:)

Word: Nose

Monday, December 16, 2013

Gaining Strength

I'm gaining strength. 

It was challenging to recognize at first, but I feel myself gaining strength and power again.

I believe that my power comes from God. I believe that my power comes from healing and removing things that polute my thoughts and restrict my actions.

Focus is becoming real.

I am learning how to "Focus the sun through a magnifying glass." Createing heat and results through focusing passion.

This skill will come through continual practice.

I've been having fun with balancing and feel I'm doing better.

Amazingly, sleep is my number one priority. For with enough sleep my spirituality is enhanced, I'm protected from negativity, my mental capacity is deeper, I have an increased ability to cope/adapt to changes, my body feels better and I make wiser decisions.

I've learned the hard way that neglecting my sleep leads to burn out and a lot more mistakes than I need to make.. 

Let's succeed ay?
Love Dreamer Di

Challenge: Talk to God about what gives you strength, then do what he says= happiness and peace.

Words: Scratch and sniff stickers


Thursday, December 12, 2013

This Is War

So last week I started working with a coach again. 

It has been quite a while since I have had someone help me sort my excuses and fears. 

I realized today I have a lot of underlying fears that need some attention. They all end in self sabatoge and result in not reaching my desired destination.

They are annoying.

I am taking the time today to dig deeper and figure out what the hail is going on. I'm happy to pinpoint the fears, for it creates a possibility to overcome them.

I realize there are ways to get around these fears, but I want to get rid of the suckers too.

Doesn't it make you so mad to realize you are scared of something? It motivates me to move even more.

Will Smith once said "The only thing I fear is fear itself,"

It is true, fear keeps us bound and from movement. I hate fear with a passion and I'll do whatever it takes to destroy it's influence in my life.

My heart is on fire this morning, creating a steady determined beat. Let the drums roll.

Dreamer Di

Challenge: Face a fear today and do something you love.

Words: This is war

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

True Facts

You know, I've been thinkin. A couple people lately have expressed that I post words of inspiration. It is true, and I'm so happy my words are touching your life in a positive way. 

But to be real with you, being optimistic is a choice. Usually the words I share are conclusions to combat my own fears, doubts and insecurities. They often come with tears, temptations to quit, thought, and work.

I share the ending result in hopes to save you time and suffering if you are in the same situation.

I'm not a super human. I don't have something you don't. I'm living my life as well as I can. I am incredibly flawed and have so much work to do. I choose to see my flaws in broad day light, then, instead of letting it shut me down, I face them and change them: lots of work. I'm sure you do the same with your flaws.

I do have some Character traits that create strength, encouragement and inspiration, but those have been trained through work and hardship. They haven't been handed to me on a silver plater, decorated in fine stones. These attributes have been groomed in me, then I have just chosen to share them with you.

I want to be able to connect with you and be your friend. Please don't put me on a pedestal as something unattainable. You and I are both alike, we're striving not to give up and we're in this journey together.

Some skills are shown in my writing, ability to express, and love for people. Can you imagine if everyone shared their skills? The world would be such a better place. I invite you to continue to share who you are, to better the world. I know a lot of you, and you have so many priceless gifts to share. Thank you for giving.

Have a great day:)

Love Dreamer Di

Challenge: Pray to find the gifts inside of you to share with the world.

Word: struggle

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Share Yourself

You know, I still wonder sometimes, where's all this passion gunna take me?

First of all, I have only shared a small fraction of who I am and what I create. I've been sifting through excuses and gaining courage to do so. I think I'm almost to the point of letting it all go and letting it all out. 

What does it benefit me to keep everything to myself? 

Love Dreamer Di

Challenge: Share who you are

Word: Globe

Monday, December 9, 2013

Things Are Moving...

Things are happening so much faster right now.

I will get an idea and think: Cool, I can feel I need to do this, but I didn't expect for it to happen so quickly. It's literally needing to happen in that moment/day. It's been wild ya'll.

I've been having fun with it though. I'm not exactly sure what happened in my mind, but I am acting instantly, in peace, and just doing it without an expectation of result.

I am so grateful for that.

It's so weird to me that a challenging experience has helped my mind be free.

I have been facing a lot of my fears lately. Whether it be expressing feelings to someone I love or just disregarding the fear, they are being resolved. Pretty cool I would say.

I realized I have been living my life in fear of losing what I have. I haven't been living for what I can gain.(<-- Gigantic eye opening moment) Holy sweet moses, that really sucks.

To be honest I'm thinking far less than I ever have. I am surprised how much better the results are actually. 

Not saying I am making irresponsible/stupid decisions for my life, but I am not stressing if it is perfect and letting go, flowing.

I get an idea, check with my spirit and God and if it feels right, I am moving forward with it.

So far the results have been fruitful. I realize I have wasted so much energy in standing still, waiting, fearing and stressing. No bueno man. Stinky caca. 

I feel so much better in peace. It really has come down to trust and my relationship with God. I would not be making the progress I am now without the guidance and grace of God. 

Minimalism is moving to a whole new level. Not only is it happening physically with stuff around me, but I am using little energy on useless indecision and worrying. 

Anyway, I am feeling so much better about letting stuff go.

I am in the mood to get rid of more of my things. I might need to do a purge again pretty soon. I love those so much.

Hope you are well. I really appreciate your interest in my life. I don't mind sharing stuff like this with you. 

Love Dreamer Di

Challenge: See where you can let go and create more peace in your life.

Words: Apricot jam (Gosh that sounds so good.. )

Thursday, December 5, 2013

It Can Happen For You

Gosh, ya know, God has us. He really does.

I believe there is beauty in the darkness and He is the one that can show us where to find it.

I realize I have a lot of healing to do, a lot of pain to let go and brighter horizons to experience. I am just like you, living life and doing the best we can. 

Things aren't always perfect. I'm sure we can agree on that. People hurt us, we hurt ourselves, we misinterpret something. I mean the list could go on and on.

All I know is, healing is possible. Having the pain released is real and it can happen for me, and can happen for you.

I'm not even going to try to give you the impression that I know how to take care of all of these things. I don't. But I do know someone who does, Jesus Christ.

This is where my strength, character and healing has always come from.

Without God I would be the biggest mess. And even in the mud I find myself in now, I am still beautiful and loved by Him.

I am beginning to see that love for myself now too. 

I'm having more grace with myself as I am learning; gentle, as if I was a child. It's very comforting.

I pray you can find healing as well.

I love you.

Dreamer Di

Challenge: Take time for healing

Word: Peace

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Worth It

I am learning to believe in myself.


When throwing in the towel is the easiest option, where it seems like everything I've invested in myself is going in the trash, when belief seems to be burning around me, I have found myself standing up for myself, to myself.


In those moments of wanting to give up I've started to say, "Wait, but I believe that piece of you is precious and useful, you wouldn't want to throw that away?" "Wait, I know we've been working hard and I've seen progress there, we're making progress and we should keep going" 


I have had to work on belief in my own worth and what I have to offer. Now, in the moment where I literally could choose if I'm going to give up on this or not, this is where I am finding worth in my work. Finding that what I have to offer the world is something beautiful. I never felt that before.


I've moved because I believe God wants me to do something. I've moved because my heart burned to create. It's one thing to hear someone tell you, and another to actually believe it.


If you asked me what my skills are, strengths, what I love, I can tell you that. But could I tell you that I believed in it? Could I tell you that I had worth? Could I tell you that who I am can actually help the world? I don't know. All I know is, now, more and more, I feel that what I am doing is worth it. I'm believing in myself.


I feel like this might be where the power comes in. Because I believe that God does help me, I believe he had a plan for me and I believe that he has a purpose for the things that are inside me. But without my belief in the plan, how can I move? 


I still have a long way to go to go, and a lot of things that have been promised, which I have yet to see, but I'm going keep going. I believe it will be worth it. I believe the love that I feel, the passion that burns inside of me meant to be shared with the world. And I'm going to share it.


No matter how much I’m being stretched right now and how many barriers I feel like I'm breaking through, I will continue forward. Thank you to everyone that have been helping me over this little bump.

I am gaining another advocate, myself.


Believe in yourself and what you love,

Love Dreamer Di


Challenge: Join God in loving the beautiful gifts and pieces of you


Words: Flowers, Sparkles, China

Friday, November 29, 2013

Trusting In Hope

It's so interesting.

This experience is literally forcing me to come to people, ask for help and be vulnerable.

That is not a natural quality of mine. I have always stood strong on my two feet and tried to help others stand along the way.

I have never trusted people, in their word, motives or action. I don't know where this pain and false belief comes from, but I have a feeling their about to change.

I have started reaching out to people that I THINK love me. 

I have struggled to FEEL any type of love in return from any person for as long as I can remember. 

The love I give is pure and from my heart, but it is also given in faith, for I haven't felt the results given from giving love. I can assume someone loves me, but have never felt it.

I feel this struggle has created space for my heart to receive love like I have never known.

I believe in reaping what I sow. I feel I have sowed pure love and continue to sow that love into people. I have faith that those seeds I have planted will come back to me with fruit.

Yes, it is not knowledge, but it's hope and faith that keeps me giving.

I am humbled to be at the receiving end. I don't necessarily like it here, but again, I trust the gift of love I will be receiving will be worth it.

I am seeing more love, grace, mercy, and gentleness from God than I ever have. I am blown away and grateful. As for you, I also thank you for those of you who have reached out to me in my time of need.

Talking with a good friend of mine I realized I am right in the middle of a BLAZING fire of refinement.

I am proud of that, no matter how hard it may be.

I will come out shiny and new on the other side. 

And my hope is that my ability to love and receive love will be deeper than ever before because of it. I will hold onto that thought.

Thank you for your prayers during this time.
Dreamer Di

Challenge: Let yourself be loved

Word: Hope

If you like my writing, please share. I am wanting to reach other people struggling with the same wrestle of hope and love I am. Thank you:)

Can You Help Me?

I realize I'm highly highly off focus.

I've been analyzing my actions and distraction, in its truest form, is what reeks throughout.

I'm a little nervous about the amount of work it may take to refocus. But maybe it's just as easy as "holding up the magnifying glass again," to channel the sun.

I'm am saddened by the amount of mistakes I am choosing to make right now. Decisions that may not affect my life short term, but over time, if continued, will drastically change my future.

I literally need help. 

Dreamer Di

Challenge: Can I ask for you to pray for me? I'm at a critical point right now.

Word: SOS

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Actual Love Vs. Movie Love

I realize that doing things differently than most people is ok.

I feel I am a romantic person, loyal and a good friend.

I am so blessed that I do not watch TV and am very selective with movies. My ability to love and expectations of love are not fantasies, but are are based off what my heart truly feels and not a regimen or agenda created by some unknown cyber wannabe love goddess.

Why would I want to set myself up with unrealistic expectations, fears or judgements by watching love stories of others, fictional or not, to determine mine? 

Doesn't sound smart to do so..

I have a very good friend of mine that I have loved for quite some time. I realize I don't have to make it hard for this man, play games or "play hard to get." It just comes down to straight up honest communication. Not being afraid to be open and lay it all on the table.

I want to learn what love is from the true source. I believe that the essence of love is inside each of us. We are blessed to have the divinity of God inside of us. He is the giver of true love. And to Him I will go to find that love and how to give it to another.

It's interesting, the more I mess up and feel like I'm failing, the more I turn to God. During these times I have felt the Lords love even more.

I have really struggled to like people for a long time. It started to bother me that I never trusted people and could never fully connect with anyone. 

I wanted to learn how to truly love people.

I have been working on this for years and the fruit has been beautiful. I still feel I have a long way to go, to truly deeply love people around me, but I wouldn't trade the wonderful emotions I have felt for each person along the way. Love is becoming real, and a piece of me.

In romantic love, I believe friendship is the deepest quality needed. For when things get tough it is the deep bond of helping each other that keeps things together. It's in those moments of serving each other, because you love that person for who they are, not by how they look, perform or fail, but because you love them and would do anything for them.

I believe true love takes work, patience, understanding, communication, belief, God and time. 

I believe that the more you give true love, the more your ability to receive that same love grows, and maybe more than you gave.

Gosh, I pray you and I can be filled with actual love.

Why not create a love story of your own?
Love Dreamer Di

Challenges: 1. Give love to someone today and see what fruit grows from serving another.
2. Continue open communication with God to help you find the love inside of you. 

Words: My heart is full

I'd love for you to like or comment about love you've felt. Also, feel free to share this blog post if you agree. :)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Our Silly Self

I crack myself up sometimes.

I have been having to make a lot of important decisions lately.

It's funny that we make things so much more complicated than they really are. 

I was in such deep thought yesterday about a decision. Life or death type of thing. Ha I really thought through each aspect and knew that making this hard decision would change my life forever.

After this long day of thinking I ended the day with the most simple thought and solution. 

This option was a lot easier than anything I had ever thought. 

The decision came down to standing up for who I am, what I want, and not being afraid to... Realizing I don't owe anyone anything, no matter how nice they are to me. If they aren't what I want, or the situation is not what I want, then why get myself stuck into something?

I won't... Ha

There is so much freedom in trusting in God and making decisions with him. 

My response is a little "ballsy," and different than I have given before.. But that's where new results happen, in trying something new..

I'm finding it's quite exhilarating to stand up for yourself. 

Enjoy your day,
Dreamer Di

Challenge: Are there places you could stand up for yourself better?

Words: Water bowl

Friday, November 22, 2013

One... Last... Time...

You seriously never know what your breaking point can be.

You can think you are doing so well with patience in an area until you get put in a situation where you're tested, you fail MISERABLY and you find you were more on the edge than you thought. 

I heard a cool thought at a conference a couple weekends ago.

"What if you only had to ask one more time."

This made me cringe, want to swear, possibly roll my eyes; yet it gave me one... more… drop of hope. I feel like I am at my last leg in a couple areas and to be honest, I have thrown in the towel on a couple of them. And not just thrown it down but have stomped on that towel and have debated flushing it down the toilet or burning it.

I don't know if I'm mad or happy that I pick up the towel every time I throw it down.

I think it's gotten more annoying to have to pick it up so often.

So gosh freaking stinking dang. I'll ask one…. more… time…

So many excuses go through my head. Pooey to all of them.

The only thing I truly have to hold on to is that God will hold up his end of the deal, in so many areas. 

Will He have complete grace with me? Fill in all the gaping holes I fail to fill? Will He come through on everything He's promised me? Is what He said possible?

I have trusted Him this far. I'm willing to pick up the towel one.. more.. time...

*grumble grumble* I want a new towel. 

Love Dreamer Di

Challenge: Pick up the towel again and continue to trust God has you, loves you and wants what's best for you.

Word: Possibility

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Practice The Craft

Possibility tastes so wonderful doesn't it?

I've been working hard for years for certain results and ideas. They are starting to pop out of the ground like little plants. 

It's definitely been a challenge, and the incubation period has been longer than I expected, but I have never given up on those little leafs showin their sweet sweet faces. 

I've always wanted to do what I love. I have worked hard to train my mind and create circumstances to do what I love. Each moment gets easier to do so and it's exciting to wake up and produce income doing your passion. 

I have never waited for a degree, qualification, or piece of paper to tell me in good at something. I've just done it. 

Since I practice my craft and love it, my skill is increasing daily. I'm learning how to give people what they want, and make every penny they give me worth it for THEM. In doing so MY worth is increasing. It's kinda fun:)

Enjoy your circumstances.

What's your craft? :)

Dreamer Di

Challenge: Have faith in the little seed of your passion. Continue to nurture it. It'll sprout. :)

Word: Pillow

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Empowered And Movin'

I feel like I needed to update you.

I am feeling more empowered than ever. I feel like I'm learning how to create no matter my circumstances.

In the last week I finished a bunch of projects, created movement and learned a lot.

I realize that finishing something just means doing it. Ha sounds so simple but I think we procrastinate some many things. 

I love changing bad habits into new, true and result-making habits.

I feel empowered, strong and determined today. 

I'm moving forward in joy, DECISION and love today.

Hope you have decided to do the same.
Thanks for reading.

Love Dreamer Di

Challenge: Decide what you want and do it:)

Word: Gypsy ;)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Gods Response

You know, I am proud of myself today.

I have continued on with my routine today as before. Yes, I have a couple new hiccups and extra things added to my list to clean up the mess from Saturday, but I can move freely today.

The past three days I have had to take extra care of myself. Slept a lot more, slowed down and gave myself time to process. I am so blessed to be self employed so I CAN take that time to heal and rest.

I believe I can move freely today because I have let go and forgiven. I did a lot of writing yesterday and seemed to process well and find peace. I'm so happy I have been able to let go of blame and holding pain in. I have let go because I trust God and let him help me.

I turned to him right away.

I didn't know if he'd want to talk to me after what happened, but I was surprised by his response. He was gentle, He was loving, He was kind. Here's a piece of what He said:

"My dear sweet Diana. I am not mad at thee. Your choices do come with consequences, but you have the power to work through them. I am not here to condemn you at this time, but here to love you. I know your heart, I know thou art good. Mistakes from the natural man happen. Continue to study my word that you may be protected in the future. Continue to take care of yourself and sleep. For is keeps you level headed. I am with you. I will never leave you. Thank you for coming to me right away after your decision.  Yes, you have made a mistake, but I give you another chance. Every instance can be used for your good. 

Come to me, ask of me, follow me."

I am at peace and encouraged.

Love Dreamer Di

Challenge: Come to God in your challenges. Ask Him to show you He loves you. He will. :)

Word: Comfort

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

You And I Both

I've wanted to write you for a while but I've slightly been in a whirlwind.

I'm being tested hardcore. Some I'm passing with flying colors, others I'm failing, falling like a dead bird. 

It sucks to fall, but it also shows me that good is to come. My belief that in order to get promoted to the next level you must be tested and tried. 

I love change, I can't get enough of it sometimes. I am happy where I'm at but am always moving forward because I believe there is more.

I took a hit Saturday night that had the possibility of decapetating my progress, or giving me momentum. I have chosen to let it spur me into creation and purpose even more than before. 

This moment alone has created a new level of seriousness which I have never tasted.

Determination to succeed, persistence to continue digging deeper for healing, and a stronger fight against the enemy of my soul.

Healing creates power. And power, strength and wisdom am I gaining. 

And you know what I'm going to do with that wisdom? SHARE IT.

Love Dreamer Di

Challenge: Don't be afraid of your faults and weaknesses. Search them out, come to God to heal you. You then will stand victorious, powerful and free.

Words: Do it.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Crush talk

The possibility of a crush, a spark is so beautiful. I feel we shut it down more often than not.

Have the bright colorful butterflies in our stomach turned black? I can't be the only one feeling this.

Where is excitement, possibilities and surprises? 

It's amazing how something so beautiful can be so painful sometimes. 

I think it's because we fear pain. Forgive me for bowing to the fear of pain.

You must not be afraid of pain to love. 

I might need to go catch some butterflies:) 

These posts lately have not been daisies, but getting real means finding change and healing.

Love Dreamer Di

Challenge: Find a new crush and turn it into a relationship :)

Word: relax 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tips For Christmas Cards

Tips for Christmas cards:


The purpose of this holiday season is to show an increase of love to those around you. Christmas cards are such a fun way to show your friends in farther places that you love them and want to send them a gift. A Christmas card can go a long way.


Each card that I send is full of purpose, love and friendship. You receive way more than a card from me in this season. Here’s an idea of what my friends might receive:


* Christmas family letter: An overview of my life in the last year and what I’m excited for the next year, along with some encouragement and love.

* Mini picture of Christ with my testimony of Him on the back.


* Fun picture of me, and possibly my dog. :)

* Hand written personal message

* A couple surprises, which I won’t say, for some of my friends might read this! ;)

* Excitement! <3


Here are some tips that can help you get those cards out every season:


* Buy your cards for next year when the season is over and they are 80% off. I buy about 100.

*Buy Stamps throughout the year

* Create your own pictures in a “Paint” app or something equivalent and print them off as a regular picture. You can also put more than one pic on one slip and have multiple pictures for the price of one. People actually enjoy tiny things. They'll like your tiny picture. ;) here's what I'm doing this year:

* Start getting them ready in October to send out December 1st. This gives friends a chance to also send you a card before Christmas and you stress-free!

80 ready so far :)

* Start collecting and organizing addresses in October

* Think of your purpose for your card and do what you can to portray that. Purpose ideas: Bless someone’s life? Make them feel special and loved? Friendship? So how can you get that message across to your Christmas card readers? 

Hand stamped:)


Benefits for doing these things:


*No stress in the holiday season

*You can actually enjoy people during the season

*Your budget is not “robbed” by tons of expenses during the season

*You can focus on the important things: Loving your friends and sharing your love for Christ

*You also receive Christmas cards in the mail

*When you do them early you have the time to truly express your love for your friends and family through your Christmas cards

*It's fun to be organized!


Hopefully this is helpful during your holiday season and your Christmas cards will be glorious. Have a blessed day. <3


Love Dreamer Di


Challenge: Send Christmas cards to your loved ones this year


Words: I’m happy

Monday, October 7, 2013

What Are My Dreams?

What are my dreams?


In a nutshell…


To share my life with the people I love, and that love me.

To share the ways God loves me, blesses me and brings me joy

To give openly of my talents. Free of shame, holding nothing back

To enrich life around me and enjoy what I do

To contribute love to the world


My hope is to radiate peace, joy, freedom, love and possibility.


I felt a little spark in my heart while typing that last sentence.


Maybe my jumpstart is closer than I thought.


Love Dreamer Di


Challenge: Have you looked at your dreams lately?


Word: Smile

Damaged Pieces

I’ve been thinking about what I can do to reconnect the damaged pieces in my mind. I’ve been debating making a goal, planning it, and giving it all I got. I’m not sure if it will create success or drain me?


I have to admit I am slightly scared to do it.


Man, I hate admitting that.


I need my mind more than ever. I feel the longer I wait,  opportunities pass by. I need my mind awake and functioning, now.


I’m hoping for a jumpstart, a bolt of energy to ignite the fire that once burned in my heart and soul.


I will search for that igniting jumpstart.


The cool part about this challenging time is I have never fully given up. There have been moments when just a strand of dream/hope held on, but the journey has continued.



Love Dreamer Di


Challenge: Do you know what jumpstarts your passion into action?


Word: Lemonade


A Tired Mind

I haven’t been able to force myself to think either. It has taken patience to wait on my mind to heal.


I have been debating setting a goal again. A goal slightly bigger than I think I can accomplish. I haven’t completely thrown in the towel. I have accomplished pretty cool things in this year and a half. I just had to label them as something other than a goal.


I feel sorry for my brain. I wish I could have prevented this from happening. But when I think about it, I am happy it happened now, instead of at the peak of my success.


I had to learn these hard lessons.


I love to work. Creation is my passion. But now I know that work, out of balance, will destroy more than it will create.


Love Dreamer Di


Challenge: Write a goal, plan it, make it doable, do it. 


Words: Baby Toe

(I first wrote spinal fluid, but then I thought how gross that was. Haha)


A Dying Soul

When your soul dies, joy is hard to find.  I believe it’s because you have disconnected from your true self. I found glimpses of myself throughout time, and receive a high for just a moment, but nothing like I felt before. Going for what I loved created joy and excitement like I have never experience. I want to feel that again.


Over the past year and a half I have realized that it wasn’t my dream that beat me up, it was my lack of skill and knowledge.


I had connected the pain to dreaming. When it wasn’t my dreams fault. My nervous breakdown and inability to mentally handle anything was because of my 18-20 hour workdays, my lack of eating, running from one thing to the next, and never taking a break.  My dream button had gone into overdrive. My priorities were far off the scale.


I finally had figured out that I could actually accomplish everything I wanted to, so I went for it all, at once. Rookie mistake.


Digging myself out of this hole has not been fun, but I pray to God that it is worth it.


Love Dreamer Di


Challenge: When was the last time you felt excited? Create an exciting moment ay? 


Words: Badger Bum



New Chapter

My name is Diana Flammer. In my teenage years I found myself lost in a whirlwind of depression, substance abuse, with a lack of direction. I realized one day that I didn’t know who I was, what I loved or what made me happy.


After a lot of self-searching I found myself doing what I loved. I went for everything I loved in full force.


The problem was, I lacked the skills necessary to make these goals successful. I ran faster than I had strength, which brought me to a nervous breakdown mid February 2012.


Unfortunately, I had a dream trip scheduled February 29th, to travel all over Europe and went, even though it probably was not the wisest decision.


Not only did the nervous breakdown hit me at a critical point, but the next two months solidified and exposed every area I had weakness and lacked skill. This rocked my world HARD.


I am not the same person I was before. I was so full of hope, faith and an abundance of enthusiasm. I have been searching for these treasures, I believe they are still in me somewhere.


Since this experience I have been scrambling for my mind to function. I’ve been able to take care of essentials, and have those bases covered, but when it came down to anything bigger than my daily takes, I wouldn’t touch it with a stick. I remember when I came back from my trip I said, “Forget learning Spanish, forget being an author, forget traveling the world, forget going into business and forget dreaming in general. If dreaming is this hard, I want nothing to do with it.” I shut the book of dreams I had opened in my mind. My soul died that day.


Love Dreamer Di


Challenge: Have you let your dreams die?


Word: Valentine