Wednesday, June 18, 2014

6 Years Sober!


6 YEARS AGO TODAY I chose to walk away from a self-destructive lifestyle of substance abuse, darkness, and rebellion. I took a leap of faith from a living HELL, and into the arms of my Savior.  

I am living PROOF that God is a Redeemer and the Atonement is real, transforming, and healing. He can take someone who is sad, and broken, and make them new. 

You CAN change, others can change. 

Give Jesus and His Atonement a chance to touch your heart, and change your life. I invite you to come unto Him. There is no pain, problem or vice He can't heal.

Thank you to all who have influenced my life for good, and helped me get to this moment. :)

Rock it,

Dreamer Di

Challenge: Have faith in yourself that change is possible.

Word: sheep






Ps. I just got to touch a pet porcupine :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Alaska Rainfall Child

I decided life would be magical today. 

The hubby and I parted ways for a bit, and I went for a walk through the woods by the river. I sat on the bank for a good hour, listening to the cool 'glacier blue' water rush by. I sipped on some hot coco and held my little red umbrella. At times it started pouring, so I playfully hid under the green canopy of some friendly trees. I felt as a child, excited, grateful, and full of life.

As the rain poured stronger I walked farther through shadowed pathways. The flowers are blooming, and little mice are running around through the underbrush. The innocent bugs and birds are cute as ever, and surprisingly the mosquitos have left me alone:)

There is solace here. Silence here. Growth, healing, and beauty. Exactly what a hungry soul needs. :) Nature has always been my safe place of enjoyment.

I am happy to be here. :)

... Now to go find my handsome hubby. :)

Love Dreamer Di

Challenge: Feed your soul

Words: Sunlight, Rainfall 

Goal: Take time to do what I love :)

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Growing A Gardener

Hello Dreamers,

Cool things from yesterday:

*I saw two butterflies mating! Doin their creation thang.

*I had the opportunity to work in the garden and plant a whole bunch of flowers! I'm learning a lot for my own life through symbolism. It's really cool!

* I learned about preparing soil,  transplanting plants from the nursery into fresh wet soil. Everything has so much purpose, it is spectacular. 

My biggest lesson from gardening today was about transplanting a "nursery plant" into the prepared soil. As you carefully pulled the tiny vulnerable plant out of the plastic container you had to "tickle" (as my boss called it) the roots to help loosen them. (Carefully spread them apart) This helps the plants expand their roots easier so they survive being transplanted. 

Applying it to life:
To continue growing, to reach your highest potential, you must keep having experiences, meet new people, do cool things and continue to loosen your roots so they can expand and reach deeper. Therefore becoming the full plant and flower you were designed to be.

Staying in a little plastic container is not your destiny. ;)

It was an honor to plant these new little plants into this purposefully prepared soil. 

They now can reach their full potential. 

My heart is full.

The growing gardener,
Dreamer Di

Goal: Prepare the "soil" of my own life to have it flourish like a garden.

Challenge: Think about what dreams you want to plant in your "life garden." And learn how to make them grow:)

Words: Watering can

Here are some flowers I planted and the romantic butterflies. :) the dogs name is Bella. :)