Friday, May 31, 2013

If you were a boat....

If you were in the ocean, would you trust, the ship you built, to withstand the storms and waves?

How much attention to detail?

When winds and mountainous waves crash. You're firm, steady and safe.

Been reading a really cool story, of a group of people, who dared to cross the ocean, to another land.

Because of their preparation, they were protected.

If your mind and heart was a boat, how prepared would you be?

-Dreamer Di

Challenge: Talk to God about your own preparation, listen and follow through.

Word: Beauty <3

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

This is specifically for you..

Gosh, my heart is so full, for you, my friends.

My heart pulses loudly to see you succeed. Tears come to my eyes at the idea of you finding your path.

I want so badly, to see you succeed, reach your highest heights.

Find those heights, and dare to go there.

Thank you so much for following me on my journey. Your friendship gives me so much strength. You are good people.

I dare you to dream. I dare you to break free from your bondage, be full of life.

I believe in you. You can do this.
Love Dreamer Di

Challenge: Let God guide you

Words: You are strong

Slow down, Charlie..

I realized yesterday that I had forgotten how young my puppy is.

She is 3 months.

I have been getting so upset with her that she's not trained 'perfectly' yet. Stop biting me, sit, don't poop on the floor, come, down, don't bark, stay, go to sleep, eat your food, chew your bone. I mean the list could go on.

That's a lot to learn. I realized my expectations of her were highly unrealistic due to her age and how much she has to learn and skills to perfect.

My eyes were opened that I do the same thing to myself.

Highly motivated, working, but not giving myself grace to grow.

I will continue to work on our skills with more grace and patience.

Be nice to yourself:)
Love Dreamer Di

Challenge: Eat something funky today :)

Word: cup

Monday, May 27, 2013

Where do you want to see results?

Did you know there is a Law of Promotion?

In other words, prospering where you're planted, to get promoted to the next step towards your desires.

I've been thinking about this lately.

What do I have to do to be promoted in different areas of my life?

Take health and beauty for instance. If I am giving the gift of health and beauty, and want to move to the next level, what must I do to be promoted to the next level...?

Make sense?

What if you thought about this for other areas? And figured out what was a waste of your time and what actually produced a positive result? Been talkin to God about this lately, he'll know..

Gunna have fun thinking about this. :)
Love Dreamer Di

Challenge: Think, where do I want to be promoted?

Words: Dark Chocolate and piano

Friday, May 24, 2013

Everything will be ok, little leaf :)

I think people are scared to dream because of the feeling I'm experiencing now.

Imagine yourself as a leaf, blowing in the wind. You've let go of the tree and are blowing beautifully in the breeze.

You've chosen to fly. You look back at the tree, almost wanting to hold it again, but you mustn't.

You're journey must continue upwards, onwards.

I'm a strong person. But it's humbling sometimes, to grow, constantly changing. The past is left behind, daily..

Change is beautiful, but comes with sacrifice. It's between letting go and embarking the unknown.

Fly little leaf, Fly,
<3 Dreamer Di

Challenge: Breathe

Word: Peace

Tips to live your dreams.

The last four years Ive worked diligently, to make my life how I've dreamed.

I am beginning to taste the fruits of my labors.

They're pretty tasty I might add.

I am currently beginning an all summer road trip and adventure.

Why? Because is possible. :)

I am grateful. I am learning to think for myself. Without any social norms, what ifs, or "shoulds."

It's pretty fun:)

I feel like I'm defying so many ideas I once believed.

This is the happiest I've ever been.

Tips on how I live the life I'm living:
1. I live on a ridiculously structured budget.
a. Weigh between a luxury and a need.
2. When I have a desire, I find a way to make it happen.
3. I talked to God a lot. I bring all my plans to Him, and he helps and directs me.
4. Weigh my excuses/reality, with possibilities.
a. "IF I could make this happen, how would I do it?" Then I follow the plan to make it happen.
5. I professionally train my mind. I'm sure your life is awesome and exactly how you dreamed of, but if not I 'd recommend checking out Danijohnson.com.

Happy Dreaming,
Love Dreamer Di

Challenge: "Don't limit your challenges, challenge your limits." -unknown

Word: Bloomingdale

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Where do you turn when sad?

I saw a man, body battered by drugs, I couldn't help but think, could the medicine, been love?

Where do you turn when you need healing love? An addiction, something bandaid; or Heaven above?

So many people hurting, at the end of their rope. Searching, still searching, for that glimmer of hope.

It's there through the darkness, I've see it, it's real. That hope; we're ok guys, our deep wounds can heal.

Turn from false medicines, sins and voodoo. And reach for your maker, He knows what to do.

You can be joyful,
Dreamer Di

Challenge: Be someone who administers the medicine of love.

Word: Flower

You ready to go get it?

Persistence, and we will reach our destination.

I am beginning to sift out what holds me from my dreams.

Perfecting the art and law of focus. Taking everything out of the picture that does not support the ultimate goal.

I'm realizing how much faith and trust this takes.

But I'm at a point now, where I'd rather give all and be in, then die a life of regret.

A toast to this adventurous chapter.
-Dreamer Di

Challenge: Do something that raises your adrenaline today. Exercise that faith/risk taking muscle.

Word: Marathon

Monday, May 20, 2013

Does your environment support or destroy your dreams?

How do you feel about your environment?

If your environment influenced who you'd become, would you you be happy with that?

Have you ever TRULY thought about what you want, and if where you're at, is REALLY going to get you there?

I'm not saying everything has to be perfect for success. But what if, who you hung out with, and where you spent time, really DID influence you?

If you changed your environment to the frequency you've been wanting, what if that changed your entire world, of possibilities and success?

Love Dreamer Di

Challenge: Try it

Word: Lamentations

Are you your worst critic?

Good morning my dear friends.

What do your eyes see? How are they focused?

Are they focused on the negative? They point out everything that's wrong? What needs to change?

Or are they focused on the light, what's good, productive and how you're progressing?

My eyes are full of mud.

Finding a healthy balance between seeing faults and progress is wise.

Your eyes see what your mind believes.

Really need a brain car wash,
Dreamer Di

Challenge: Resign from bring your worst critic.

Word: Orange

Thursday, May 16, 2013

To love one soul means to love many more

Oh, the beauty of a soul.

What if it was possible to hold each person in our hand? Smile, and blow them as a dandelion, to fly happily on.

When filled with love, you can't help but share it.

Can you imagine if that one person, full of love, truly loved, even one soul, a day? And the pattern continued on?

A domino effect would take place. What a cute set of loving dominos!!! ;)~

The world is a beautiful place.
Fill it with love,
-Dreamer Di

Challenge: Be gentle and loving today to your center of influence, and watch the world blossom around you.

Words: Leash and caca :)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What to bring on a journey to sea

Listen to this as you read :)

What to bring, what to bring?

What do you bring on a journey to sea? Some faith, hope and joy, sounds wise, to me.

To survive at sea, man and run this ship, knowledge complied for years...
now to publish it.

You push off the harbor, the rope, no more slack. You've made a decision, there's no turning back.

Music is important, that I shall bring. Some clothes, hats, and bedding...
comfort type things.

A journal, a pencil, a map, an old phone. Some food, games, a bible, when I feel alone.

I'll lay on this deck, in peace, watching stars. This journey, oh journey, is His...
mine and ours.

- Dreamer Di

Challenge: Let your heart feel, to find what you love, then go for the moments, you've always dreamed of.

Word: Djembe

Have a good imagination?

Have a good imagination?

Imagine yourself standing at the edge of a dock. Looking over the brown wooden edge, into the dark blue water.

To your right is a boat, a beautiful sail boat. Shiny, with tan wooden decks.

Ahead you know storms could toss you. But anticipation is on the tip if your tongue through your belly.

You've danced with the unknown before, but never to this degree.

The island envisioned , with its soft white sand and green mountain path is what drives you.

How to get there and where to find it, is up to the wind and sail.

The island is calling you.

Journey on,
Dreamer Di

Challenge: Illustrate your life

Word: soil

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Routine to peace

Routine routine routine

I have never really enjoyed it. Too restrictive sometimes. But I have started to like it.

I have found that as I plan out my day and get the important stuff done first, I can relax and enjoy the rest of the day. :)

I also have found that mornings are so fun. I was up at 445 this morning and have accomplished so much, and it's only 745.

Love it.

I've had a couple days where I've finished everything so fast, that I've been almost uncomfortable with how much free time I have. Ha

Planning ahead is what brings peace. How do you know what to plan?? Talk to God about it. He's a cool dude and has good ideas:)

It's taken some time to refine what's really important to me. Still workin on it.

Time is a blessing, use it wisely:)
Love, Dreamer Di

Challenge: Design your life the way you want it. Then trust it, and live it. :)

Word: Armpit

Monday, May 13, 2013

The sacred ground I leave behind

Listen to this song as you read.

Blessing the ground I am leaving behind.

Today is a really sacred day for me. When climbing your mountain towards your destiny, you will meet moments when you must leave the old behind and press forward to the new.

Old is not bad. Old can be beautiful.

I have focused on prospering where I'm planted. The moment has came where I have been given permission to move on.

The way has peacefully and graciously been opened for me.

No pushing or pulling necessary. The Lord has parted the sea for me.

I am going to research myself, find what I did or said or changed in my heart for this miracle to happen.

I am in a reverence today to bless the ground I leave behind. And the doors I am peacefully and in deep love and gratitude shutting behind me.

My heart is full. My time is precious. I am open.

I am in reverence today to bless my future ground. To bless each door that will open in front of me. I respect these doors, old and new. I respect these ground.

Anything is possible to those who believe.

In beauty and belief in the goodness of the world,
Dreamer Di <3

Challenge: Return to sacredness. It is a beautiful feeling.

Word of the day: Love <3

Saturday, May 4, 2013

The fire in your soul:)

Good morning my beautiful friends.

I read a quote today, "Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going."

How true is that!!! Sometimes the fire we burned with early on can become dim and just a kindle. It takes persistence and power to keep the fire burning.

Searching for fire wood or fanning the flame takes work, hard work sometimes.

I've even had moments when only smoke was to be seen, not knowing if coals were even smoldering underneath.

Hope has dangled by a thread before. But miraculously, through determination and continuing good habits, the flame rekindles and we keep moving.

I hope you find what your fire needs, to ignite the flame of passion in your dreams and keep it burning.

I think I might write a song about this...

I believe in you and know you can do it,
<3 Dreamer Di

Challenge: Journal about the passion you feel in your heart and see what inspiration comes to continue. <3

Word of the day: Slimy

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