Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Keep going!

A couple nights ago some people were talking, and a statement really stood out to me. "People usually get lost in the transition phase." This really got me thinking. For we set these goals, and we set them high, we work and work and work, and when we don't reach them when we think we should, some of us back out. I have been feeling this a little bit, I am constantly working towards my goals but after a while I've been like, "Ok, and the end result when?" You can't help but wish things would come faster, yet the learning along the way is most important, so it should be worth it right? I guess it's just the way you look at it. 

I realized that my vision was off focus too. If you loose track of why you're doing what you're doing the hard work isn't as worth it as before and you might want to cave. SO! My vision is being restored again and I am back on track, not that i wasn't working towards my goals. But i wasn't doing it the most efficient way, with the right heart and right attitude, in joy. I had forgotten that each day I strive to have passion, fire and love included. My goal is to enjoy each moment I'm given and make the most of it. 

I've been uptight lately, probably the last couple years actually, and I'm starting to let loose and be free again. I feel this is preparing me for the freedom in Spain and Europe. I keep having this vision in my mind of running towards a beach in Europe, the sun is hot but the breeze is cool, the sand is soft and clean. I am running with a man I have met, laughing hysterically with glee as we are throwing off excess clothing, marking our path in the sand. Then breaking into the cool sea, crashing against the first wave, as the water splashes up onto our faces, we thank God for such beauty...... Um, freedom? I wish i could portray the release and art of letting go that comes with such a vision and activity. Just every moment, in the moment. Every step, worth it. I have lived like this before but I had forgotten, so i must relearn some skills in being free. Sharpen my saw for who I am, that I may pierce the hearts of many but my love, passion and zeal for life.  Plus now I can take the new things I have learned the past 3-4 years and apply them to my lifestyle of being free. I have missed you sweet freedom.

Much Love!

Challenge: Push your comfort zones, do something you are scared of like:
1. Dance ferociously in a supermarket where at least 20 people are watching. 
2. Laugh hysterically out loud in a bank.
3. Wear clothes that don't match at all and wear it proud.
4. Plan a trip somewhere that seems so un-logical you feel you might burst.
5. Prank call your boss

The sooner you start facing the fears of what people think of you, the closer you are to freedom!

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