Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Seriously insane!

Ohhhh MANNNN! Talk about dropping off the face of the earth ay?

I kinda disappeared for a while, but I think I'm ready to come back out again. haha IT"S ON. :)

I am getting a taste of my dreams again. Starting to pick up momentum again and making progress. Here are some results:
- I have released about 42 pounds, YAY body!! :)
- My health lifestyle has completely changed. Healthy food is my favorite food, not a mouthful of healthy food.
- As I am learning to love my body, which helps me make better decisions for it.
- I am laughing A LOT more.
- I am more stable financially then I ever have been
- In the last year and a half I have cleansed my area and have reduced my "stuff" around me by 90%.
- I make my bed every day. I know that seems so little! But dude! It's amazing how much of a difference it makes for your room!
- My things are organized and everything I own has a purpose.
- My relationships with my friends and family are becoming deeper and I am growing more in love with who they are, just as they are. I love you guys! :)

A couple things I'm actively working on:
- Getting 7.5- 8 hours a night

I am starting to feel the fire again, or at least dabble with it. ;) oh, how I love being a piro.

I hope you are loving your life and having a whole BUNCH of fun.

I dare you to find and feel your fire,
Dreamer Di

Words of the day: Fire breathing dragon

Challenge: Do something highly embarrassing, just so you can laugh about it hysterically later.
- Moon someone who would never expected it, just to see their facial reaction.
- Pretend to cry hysterically on the floor of your local grocery store, then run out to your car.
- Send a random text to 20 random people, like "Hey would you like me to make you pudding for school tomorrow?" The reactions are HILARIOUS, trust me!! ha especially to people you rarely talk to. ha

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