Saturday, March 7, 2015

Healthy Positive Pregnancy

Thought I'd post because you always see so many negative things about being pregnant, especially the last trimester.

I'm not writing this post to make other pregnant ladies or momma-women mad, but sharing my experience for those interested in possibly having a different experience than “typical pregnancy”.

Today is my official "due/guess date" to have my baby. I am 40 weeks and according to "charts" I am "fully ripe" and baby should be "done".

I feel great. I’ve been shocked the last week about how good I am feeling, when according to most people, apps and beliefs, I should be “miserable” right now. But instead, I sit here in Indian style, happy, and going to a rodeo today?

My greatest strength has come from counseling with God about different pregnancy concerns and how I can best prevent problems, specifically for my own body. If He can direct me, He can direct others, and He can direct you in your pregnancy.

When I found out I was pregnant I decided to be proactive. I DECIDED I didn’t want to be a “victim of pregnancy.” (As a lot of people seem to look at it, or they make sure to portray their experience that way) I wanted to have a positive experience, so I went to "work".

Yes, I have had the normal hormone shifts of morning sickness, fatigue, preggo brain, and adjusting, but I do not regret my “prevention planning”, especially for this last trimester.

If I heard of a problem, like swelling, stretch marks, waddling, cravings, back pain, fear etc, I researched it, asked specific questions, took notes from professionals, and found a solution. Then, not only did I find the solution, but I made list after list (a plan), a daily routine, made time, and made it happen. I have not been perfect each day, but I have followed things ENOUGH that I feel great now.

I don't feel like writing a novel or sharing every detail, but Here's some examples of some struggles/solutions I found, did, and have not struggled with:
-Swelling: lack of protein and needing more water, keep active from the beginning. (1-2 mile walk, try every week day, is what I've done)

-Stretch marks: started taking fish oil from the beginning of pregnancy, which increases elasticity in your skin(and hopefully other places during birth), plus from the very beginning put coconut oil on my tummy every night. Hydration also helps with this (half your body weight in ounces)

-Cravings/extra weight. Giving my body what it needs before it "asks". Being serious about my nutrition and getting my vitamins everyday has really helped. I have had cravings yes, but for me they are signals of needing specific nutrients, so discerning what is actually the cause of my body freaking out, and making wise decisions. (I found that the more fruits and veggies I ate, and drinking enough water, the less cravings I had) I haven't been a nazi about it, just conscious.

-Waddling/pain through body. I have walked and did yoga most of my pregnancy. It's proven, if you want pain in your muscles/bones, stop moving. Stretching everyday, pregnant or not, decreases pain. As my pelvis has been adjusting and baby dropping, I have experienced hip and pelvic pain(ouchie man) (not even yoga could touch this ache)- which I then researched and visited a Myopractor. (Mix between a Chiropractor and physical therapist) Each time the pain got too much, I’d go in for a session, he'd adjust my body back, and I'd be back to normal again (highly suggest this, I would be really suffering now if I hadn't gone. Ask me if you want a referral)

- Fear clearing/mental training ****BIGGEST ONE*** I refused to watch/believe "Hollywood" birth, protected my mind from people's negative experiences, and found role models who actually enjoyed pregnancy and had positive results. I researched other options, and BELIEVED I could have a different experience. I did a home-study course called "Hypnobabies" and I believe that is why I am in peace and patient today. (Yes, I want baby to come, and am excited, but this has curbed the craving of impatience and to keep the mindset of "baby will come when she's ready"

Every woman's body is different, and these specific things may not work for you. Maybe you enjoy your pregnancies, and maybe you already have a great mindset if you've never been pregnant before, so you probably have it all under control. But ALL I KNOW IS, if you’re not satisfied, and you’d like to have a different experience than an average pregnancy, I would highly recommend counseling with God, doing your research and MAKING IT HAPPEN. For in prayerfully searching for solutions, and being proactive in these things, I have been successful in enjoying my pregnancy.

Lesson: My experience (in more than just pregnancy) doesn't have to be like everyone else's.

I feel really good, and am excited for the birth of my little girl.

Love Diana

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