Sunday, March 29, 2015

Mommy Nutrition Goals

I've been a mom a week and a half and I can already see how important my focus on nutrition is.

I have been on an awesome 3 year journey with my body. I realized how badly I had treated it with so many fad diets, chemicals, lack of sleep, lack of proper nutrition and care, but I'd expect my body to function at an excellent capacity. Then I'd get get angry and force my body to perform more when I'd fall short due to exhaustion or lack of brain power.

Talk about unrealistic expectations!

I was in an abusive relationship with myself, but not no more! ;)

Since then I've made a serious effort to gently get to know my body and what it needs. It's been pretty fun.

We've learned to trust each other now.

I trust that my body will tell me what it needs, and it trusts I'll follow its direction. It's a relationship where we help and balance each other. Ex. When my body is craving sugar or foods I don't like to normally eat, I make decisions that support OUR goals, not just being led by a craving. And my body communicates nutrients it needs by creating a type of craving/desire for certain foods, and my mind discerns, responds, and gives it what it needs. I appreciate that. :)


So, as I am now taking care of a wee human, and feeding her from my own body, my nutrition is ooober important.

My body now needs to function at a higher, more efficient capacity, than it ever has. 

So this week my focus is 2 things:
1. To incorporate a protien shake into each day.
2. Eat an Alkaline diet
    -Pretty much TONS of veggies/fruits and no refined sugar
    -Balnced nutrition 
    -Gallon of water to flush everything out 

Sleep is definitely important too. We'll continue to work in that as baby gets older. :)

I'm still only 1.5 weeks out from having my baby, and my body is still healing, but again, being proactive with what I CAN control, is always good. :)

I'm pretty excited about my goals for this week.

 Love Dreamer Di

Challenge: Set some goals for things you can control. :)

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