Tuesday, March 8, 2016

5 Evidences That God Exists

I'm doing the LDS family services 12 step addiction recovery program (For emotional eating) and today I learned a lot from a question in step 2. Step 2 is titled: Hope.

"Many witnesses in heaven and in earth testify of God's existence. What evidences of God and his love have you experienced?"

Here's my condensed thoughts.

God exists because I am free

In June, 2016,  I'll be clean 8 years from my substance abuse, dark, destructive past. God exists because, through the healing atonement, I am clean. I am free. I have been released from bondage. And God freed me. There was no other way.

God exists because I still have purpose

Even after royaly messing up time and time again, he still believes in me, encourages me, inspires me, and has a message he wants me to share. I am not too far gone to be used for his purpose. This is hard to comprehend, because I know my weaknesses better than anyone, but it is continually evident that he wants my help. I am honored and reverenced, for God must contain more mercy and understanding than I can imagine.

God exists because he gave me a happy family 

I have a wonderful husband and beautiful daughter because of healing and forgiveness. My story could have been very different/opposite. But God showed me another way, and how to get out. 

God exists because I can see his love 

After all we can do, we still fall short. But it is in the daily tender mercies that I see his love the most. In times when I'm discouraged, feel weak or alone, those moments Gods words and promises are what keep me going. It is in the hope of God that my feet keep moving and my heart keeps beating love.

His love is around me, but it is up to me to open my eyes, see it, and appreciate it.

God exists because he has a purpose for you

If God can use me, even after all the times I disobeyed and dishonored him, He can use you. He has a purpose for you. Search for it, He will show you.

In case you were wondering if God is really in your life or not. Or if you've felt you aren't loved as much as you'd like, I invite you to examine your life and open your eyes to the places of beauty, love and grace from God.

I believe God exists and loves us.

Dreamer Di

Challenge: Let yourself be loved:)

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