Thursday, September 29, 2016

Enjoy Life's Simple Beauties

It's really fun to see the leaves falling off the trees here.

My baby is napping. I'm all alone and have the doors/windows open and a hot cup of camomile tea. I hear the leafs blowing down the street (heavenly), wind chimes and the occasion neighborhood noise. It is cloudy, so it might rain. These are moments I cling to. :)

It's better in person:)

I'm in Utah visiting some friends and family and I've been home alone with my baby the last couple days while my brother works.

We don't have a car so it has been enjoying the atmosphere and just relaxing. We did watch 3 hours of Pooh Bear movies so I could get a project done... Haha but hey, you do what you have to do sometimes. 

This is what I worked on yesterday: 
Cool huh? This one is huge! I was accepted into my first art boutique, and dream catchers are on the list:)

Anyway, as I watched the yellow leafs fall outside my heart filled with so much gratitude and joy to be experiencing this simple yet indescribably beautiful moment. 

I wouldn't know how beautiful a moment was unless I traveled often. 

No, I'm not saying people that don't travel don't have moments where they feel this, but because I'm in different scenery, weather, and cultures often, the differences completely take my breath away, often. It almost feels like a dream/fairytale. I wouldn't be able to recognize these things without having experienced something different than my norm. 

I feel the same way about people I meet in different places around the world or even just in my own town who live a different lifestyle or just think slightly different than I. 

It is because of these different interactions of travel, meeting people and being in and enjoying the moment that opens me up to love these moments/people even deeper. 

I am so grateful to appreciate simple beauties like this. 

Love Dreamer Di

Challenge: Look around you and see what simple beauty you can enjoy. :)

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