Saturday, September 24, 2016

What's Worth Scrimping For

When to pinch a couple pennies vs when spending the "extra dollar" is the best option. 

I'm an avid saver. Time, money and energy saver. I'm constantly looking for ways to adjust my life and routine to be most efficient. It's been an ongoing process. By being diligent in these efforts I regularly have extra of these precious commodities to do what I desire most, like travel, have quality time with family/friends and truly relax.

This weekend I experienced an example of when spending a little extra money would have been the "wiser" decision.

Weighing What's Truly Important & What's Less Important (<--Even though this is important too)
My husband went on a mission for our church for 2 years when he was 19. He served in in Brussels Belgium and parts of France. This Friday night was his mission reunion and one of our Apostles, David Bednar, was speaking. James and I were both excited to see/meet old friends and learn some great tips about living a successful happy life/family by living Godly principles. 

The airline we normally fly to Utah has a track record of being late, so we decided to send James the day before the conference on a different airline and Olivia and I would fly the less expensive (yet less reliable) airline. Cause it was most important for James to be there right? If I DID miss it it wouldn't be as bad, but it would save us $35....... I look back at that and my heart sinks.

As guessed, the flight was SIX hours late, so I missed the conference. While I was waiting for the plane I was in peace, for I could not control the situation. But later that night after James told me of his experience and everything he learned, my little heart broke. I hadn't realized how much I really wanted to be there. I had the best outfit picked out. I was so excited to support James at this wonderful reunion and meet the companions(And their wives) who I've heard stories about. To share a bonding moment and hold the hand of a man I'm so proud to be married to. Then learn wisdom and strategy taught by an expert, in person.  ALL missed because I wanted to save $35. Thirty five dollars. I make more than that in ONE hours time. What was I thinking?

I was reminded this morning that money is unlimited and replaceable, experiences are not. Moments can not be bought back and time can not be rewound. My heart still stings this morning that I let money be my boss and I missed out on an experience, a moment, a memory that I will never get back again. I have learned from this experience and I will try to not have that happen again. 

My money, time, and energy saving habits have been highly beneficial, but they are also under constant refinement, adjustment, and growth. Taking a risk of fate (will this flight actually be on time) for $35 was not worth it. I missed out. 

Moving forward I will take more time to think about what's TRULY important instead of what's only important

Love Dreamer Di

Challenge: You are not a victim of circumstance. Your choices dramatically affect your reality. You may not be able to control all the details,  it being proactive and wise makes a huge difference. Keep it simple: Be proactive today towards any area of your life you want to improve. 

Word: Priorites

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