Thursday, October 13, 2016

Humble Pie

I ate a piece of humble pie tonight. 

Actually, more like 5/6 pieces. One incident after the other put me in my place that I have to work to be good at something and that when I'm learning I make a lot of mistakes. This has been my lesson in each area/skill I entertain, practice and desire. I've had to work my butt off for each one, and with time I adjust little by little and get better at it.  

I embraced this humble pie tonight though, which I was proud of myself. This was as raw as I have felt in a long time. As imagined, it was uncomfortable, but a feeling of peace still was in me.

I also could have kept my mistakes to myself, but I voiced them because I truly want to learn the best efficient way of doing something..... (A couple only to my teacher, the majority was discussed as a class) Humble pie. Humble pie. 

It wasn't pretty, but it was productive. 

I'm in a life coaching course and tonight was my first time coaching someone I didn't know. 

I caught myself feeling very unorganized and nervous about how it was going to go. I admit I hadn't done any mental or "supplies" preparation for the session. My day was really busy and it just hadn't crossed my mind. I need that prep time or I'm a mess. 

In the beginning it was evident I lacked confidence, flow and ability to fully communicate what I would have liked to. It got better as the session progressed. Humble pie.

I'm learning.. 

Then as the evening continued, the humble pie served up another bite. 

I also had the chance to observe another student. I realized her coaching method was very different from mine. (Which made me uncomfortable with it) 

Expressing my observations in private, my teacher was very bold with me and I vulnerably wore my mistakes, misunderstandings, misinterpretations, naiveness on my sleeve.This was really challenging for me to do.  But why did I do it, cause I want to actually learn. 

Then, I had misheard a direction from the teacher and made a suggestion during another students session, as an observer. During class discussion about all of our sessions I honestly expressed my mistake. It turned into a whole class discussion of how what I did disrupted things, was the wrong thing to do, and the teacher had me explain why I did what I did and what I had observed in that moment. Then the coach shared her experience of when I intervened in her session, and many classmates made comments too. I put ice cream on that piece of Humble pie. Haha ;)

I was surprised how still, and not ashamed, I was during all these moments though. I knew I was learning a new skill, so I was going to suck at it in the beginning, but it still was hard. 

Then, to put the cherry on the top I then had the opportunity to go over my evaluation from my client and my ratings were probably the lowest in my class. I licked the pie tin and utensils clean...

There were actually a couple more pie moments, but I'll stop where I have. 

I write tonight as an encouragement to not be afraid of the humble pie moments in your life, but to embrace them, for that is how you can truly and rapidly learn and grow.  

I could have kept my thoughts, mistakes and insecurities to myself, but I didn't. I expressed, then ate my pie in peaceful "stretching" silence. 

Tonight was an obvious pattern of events. I personally need to write about it to fully understand the lessons tonight. 

Being honest about where you're at can be hard sometimes. But I know with time I'll get better. 

Love Dreamer Di

Challenge: Don't be afraid to express your weakness. Do it in peace. 

Words: Strawberry Rhubarb 

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  1. Your experiences were lessons of courage. It is hard to make yourself vulnerable to others. The very good thing is that you know the whole experience really was to help you and teach you things you didn't realize or see. Thank you for sharing. Gives me courage to open my mouth more so that I can learn and grow, too.