Thursday, March 28, 2013

Relief from pain

It feels kinda good to write you guys again. :)

This blog might get a little personal. Bare with me. Gentlemen, this might not be your fave in the beginning, but I swear there's a point.. :)

Menstral cycles, they happen, we're women. I'm really lucky mine are so mild compared to other ladies.

I only have cramps and symptoms one day a cycle, today was that day. I tried stretching, drinking water, midol, Tylenol, and even resorted to a Vicodin. Nothing helped.

I also had to work a 13 hour shift, where I do physical labor. Yeah...

About 4pm, I realized that the pain was finally gone. I sighed (out loud) with relief. I was sooo relieved and grateful I wasn't feeling pain anymore.

yada yada, so the point...

Sometimes life is hard, painful. Sometimes we don't understand why things have to hurt so bad. But I realized today, that the pain we feel only expands our ability to appreciate when we feel relief from the pain.

So if you are in pain, emotionally, mentally, physically etc. Don't give up. Relief is on it's way.

When you might say? My answer and Idea: Why don't you look for areas of relief in your life already? You might be surprised what forms of relief you'll find that already exist. Then as you learn to see it, appreciate it and hold on to those moments, you will begin to experience more peace and relief. I am experimenting with this right now.

Challenge: Experiment with things that make your life better :)

Word of the day: Flower <3

Ps. If you want me to write more blogs more often, I'm going to need some encouragement and your comments knowing your reading these.

<3 Dreamer Di

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  1. I read your blog! Let's encourage each other to write more, yes? It is such a great idea to focus on areas of our lives where there isn't pain. But pain also means change is on its way, and change can always transform into something great. But in the meantime, while it hurts, focus on something that doesn't!