Monday, May 14, 2012

Let the Wild Side Fly

I am finding that I have cared what people thought, way more then I thought I did. I am finding hidden ways that I have cared.

I am very observant. Being able to feel the energy in the room and then adapting myself to my surroundings. this is a positive quality, but I have been out of balance. I have worked so hard at not offending people, that I have not been my full witty self, and have suppressed some of the best parts of me.

I have put my wild side away for the past 4 years, because I didn't want to offended a stand by person or come off as "irresponsible, rowdy, uncontrollable etc.". So I had stopped pulling little pranks on my friends and family, stopped my dramatic reenactments, loud shouts of joy, outbursts of laughter and excitement, and a lot of things that made me, me. I realize that I only have to care what God thinks, and be in harmony with His plan for my life and be me!

I have just recently started to let this grow again.

Here is an example: Rosa(bff0, Natalee(Sister) and I floated the river in my boat for the first time this summer on May 5th. I have a couple inflatable row boats, compactable, so they can fit in the trunk of my Civic. Rosa decided she wanted to stand up in the boat. I challenged her to see how long she could stand, she accepted the challenge and held her stance. I then decided to kick her little hinny with my leg and sent her flinging forward, face first into the water. It was the funniest thing I had seen in a long time!!!

All three of us, including Rosa, and others around us, laughed HYSTERICALLY as Rosa, coughing up river water, pulled herself back into seated position. Moments like this make memories, right? haha

Oh and don't you worry, Rosa gets me back, which I like. She just scared the crap out of me a couple mins ago, and sending pure adrenaline streaming through my entire body. Moments like this remind you you're alive. Plus... it gives me an opportunity to retaliate. ;)

Let the fun and games begin again. ;) I forgot how much I love peoples reactions when something is out of the ordinary!

Challenge: Do something really dramatic today that makes someone, or a group of people laugh hysterically! Ex: Pretend to be Richard Simmons, and do a dance in the middle of Walmart. Full with facial expression, "I'm sexy and I know it", and attitude!!! Seriously! Wouldn't that be hilarious! ha Hope I hear about some of these funny moments!

Words of the day: Blue Cheese (Which by the way, I tried the most disgusting blue cheese in Ireland, the deli man, who offered for me to try it, laughed hysterically at my facial expression. I love that I could be a good story for him and his family later.. haha)

I wub you you wubbery people,
Dreamer Di

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