Friday, August 16, 2013


WOW. The more I work on my schedule and priorities I have learned something very important:

If I want to be prepared for the future, I can't make excuses, to not do the work now.

Ex: I was distracted a couple days (5 to be exact) in the last couple weeks and didn't get all my work done, work for $ I mean... So now I am 5 days short of income and feeling the stress and having the thought. "If I only would have worked those 5 days, I would be perfectly fine, feel relaxed and peaceful right now"

This taught me a lot actually. It is more then just money I can do this for. How many times in the future will I look back and say:
"If only I would have worked out Monday-Friday and stuck to my organic diet, I would not have cancer"
"If only I would have sang everyday, I might have gotten that gig"
"If only I would have spent more time with the people I love, for they are now gone"
"If only I would have figured out what was important to me, 20 years ago, I might not have destroyed what I love.

Pretty harsh but realistic realities.

Cause no matter what, when the future/moment comes, there is no more time for preparation. You either are prepared for that moment, or your not. Gosh it burns a little doesn't it? I am finishing everything on my list today that is TRULY important to me, and feeling happy about it, then I will do it again, tomorrow. 

I am happy and feel I can do this each day that I keep trying. Routine has been so helpful for getting everything accomplished.  I'm soooo glad I learned this lesson with loosing a couple hundred dollars, instead of something far more important. Hope you can work diligently now, to not have regrets later. Much love my friends.

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