Monday, January 13, 2014

The Storm Adventure ;)

Listen to this music as you read this post:

You know, I was thinking. 

Pain has formed me more than anything I think I have ever done or experienced.

It has been pain that has helped me stretch, release and heal wounded muscles and body parts.
It has been pain that has made me sit up straight and have good posture.
It has been pain of circumstance that pushes me to change who I am and my surroundings.
It has been pain that gets me out of bed each morning, knowing there is more to life than how I am living.
It has been pain that has turned me to God often and strengthened our relationship.
It has been the pain of possibly losing my shot that has kept me going.
It has been the pain that kept me reaching out to love another.
Pain has helped me learn.

Pain can mold me.

I want to figure out a way to use the pain in my life for good and to learn from it.

Why does struggling make us grow?

I think it is an opportunity for us to make some choices: 
Are we going to continue, or are we not? 
Are we going to believe there is more beyond the pain or stay here?
Do we believe we are strong enough to fight?
The choices could be endless and specific for each person.

I am beginning to embrace pain and mold my life around it, in peace.

Peace comes from trusting God, even in the pain. That there is purpose and relief on the way.

We can't control our circumstances, but I do believe we can find peace along our journey.

Be strong through the storm,
Dreamer Di

Challenge: Hold on though the waves, wind and storm. Turn to God, you will make it though.
Challenge 2: What if we saw the storm as a grand adventure? :)

Words: Love you. <3

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