Monday, February 10, 2014

Get 'Er Done

To gain more, you first have to cut back.

You cut back on spending. Cut back on specific food and calories. Cut back "time waster" things. Cut back on physical belongings around you. Cut back on people that don't uplift you. Cut back on too many commitments, etc.

It's literally bridling every passion and pull.

Having the discipline to eat the right foods, budget your money, spend quality time with the people most important, saying no to unfruitful yet time filling opportunities takes immense focus.

Disconnecting from mindsets of "Have to haves" "I'm suppose to be here" and "This is how it goes" is challenging.

I am a happy person. I experience a lot of peace, see blessings throughout my life and feel the love of God often. I have beautiful supportive purposeful relationships and am very blessed.

I could pretend that my life is perfect and without challenges, but that would not be telling you the truth.

I work very hard for what I have. I consistently, and weekly, sow into each individual relationship important to me. Sometimes the relationship has been one sided, and has taken years for some to begin to return the same love given, but the fruit is growing. This isn't always easy and takes time. Eating organic, gluten-free and refined sugar free on a $25 budget a week is not easy either. It takes a lot of thought, strategic meal planning and compromising desires, but it is possible, and I am doing it. It is not easy to donate most of what I own to create space and energy to create at a higher rate than before. It is not easy to focus, motivate myself, work from home, be in complete control of my schedule, and discipline my time. It is not easy to stare my weaknesses in the face and go after them instead of run. This is painful and not easy, but I have become a better person everyday by the emotional, mental and spiritual work done.

Each one of these things takes intense work, focus and faith to believe they are possible. That the work now, will pay off later.

I am feeling the pain of lack today.

I create these situations myself, and on purpose. The lack I am feeling today is disconnecting from what I once felt was important and defined me. It is time to move on from these things. In these moments I have to be gentle and kind to myself. Walking myself through a process of understanding, as if I was a child. Explaining to myself that I am worth it, loved, and the cutting away is for purpose.

I really do believe that refining you, your area, your interests, your ideas, your time= beauty in the end.

The seeds have been planted and I will continue to nurture each of these "plants" and desires. Fruit will show its face when the season comes. 

Love Dreamer Di

Challenge: If you are working towards something, don't see how its possible or if the work is worth it, keep going. I really do believe there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Words: Bumble Bee :)

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