Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cleansing process! :)

Let me introduce Rosa Dilworth into this beautiful mess. :) Rosa is one of the best friends I've ever had, she is kick it, she is hilarious, rowdy, deep, and we have a blast together. We love hiking and exploring, spending time with German men... Sharing EVERYTHING and loving life together. I don't know what I would do without her. We both are parting paths on February 29th and starting new adventures, I'm off to Europe and she off to Idaho to live with family for a while to save money because she too is coming to Europe, Germany specifically, in the summer time. SO we will continue our journey of life together as we meet up there. She is a rad chick and knows how to have a good time and loves God and I love her. :)

As I am packing up, cleansing my area and belongings, I realize that this chapter really is closing. I think it means more than I have been thinking, it has a deeper meaning than just leaving. I am leaving an old me behind, old infulences, friends and mindsets. As Rosa and I are deciding what items are most important we realize that not only are we cleansing physically, but mental and emotionally too. I realize that my next step after Europe could be brand new. Who am I going to become while I am there, how will I grow?

I have had this happen to me once before, this process of complete removal from my area and influence. This is when my life transformed from a drug addict and alcholic, when my life was a mess and i was so unhappy, to changing complete habits, connecting with people with different standards and learning to love my life. God completely took over and made me new. And here I am today, Happy, successful and living my dreams. So, I'm interested in where this new process takes me and where I end up. I am grateful for change. :)

I have the best relationships I could ever ask for, and they continue to get better and better with time. I am learning how to honor, how to truly love and how to laugh hysterically about the beauty of life. What a blessing, people are the best part of this world.

Word of the day: Serenity

Challenge: Throw out something you never use. (Or better yet, get a bag of stuff and donate it to a thrift store!) If a bag of stuff seems to much, just throw out ONE thing. You'll be surprised how liberalting it is and you'll wanna do it more! TRUST ME!

This is just the beginning! We have 3 full bags of clothes we are donating, plus we have a huge bag of things to throw away! This is just from our closet! We are SERIOUSLY cleaning house of who we've been and leaving the past behind, we are so excited for our journey!!

This is what Rosa and I did today! Taking down another step in moving, we'll be living out of boxes/suitcases for a couple weeks. :)


  1. Diana I stinking love you! Thank you for saying those beautiful things about me. You and I have had and are going to have some amazing adventures. Thank you for being one of gods gifts and tender mercies to me. I can't wait to see what He gets us into together next ;)

  2. I Love you too Rosa! Our adventure will only continue! :)