Monday, February 13, 2012

Learning to Flow

The morning was beautiful. The sun caressing my skin as the breeze blew and the wind chime sang, creating an angelic ring. I am learning to enjoy the moment again, for quite some time I have been running headfirst, straight ahead, but I have missed the beauty around me, missed the sounds, sights and smells of what the world is made of. Stop and smell the roses is so cliché but it's true, life will pass you by if you don't take the time. I have been running towards what I truly thought was important, working on finances so I can live all my dreams, creating opportunities and options for people to do the same, I mean the list could go on and on. But I realized I have been forcing things. I have been neglecting one of my best gifts, my ability to flow. For there have been times in my life when I didn't have everything together, I was broker than a dog, and my life was a mess. But somehow in the craziness of life I learned to enjoy it, enjoy the people around me, laugh a lot and had the most amazing experiences. Even in moments when I didn't know how I was going survive I didn't sweat, I loved and I lived, and everything always worked out. Even when I had no idea what faith was, I was living it.

So as I am realizing that I have lost my sense of flow. I am working towards flowing again. This has resulted in taking complete moments and hours of silence. Letting my mind have the space to create again and how to not be so structured and shut off. In this silence I am able to think and create whatever comes and flow with it. I have started to see results. Slowly letting those guards down and letting it run free again.

Almost like a beautiful stallion that has been locked in a fence for quite some time, and has believed that this is where he was suppose to be, yet has never felt the true sense of fulfillment. Then the moment comes where the gates blow down and there the horse stands. His mind trying to comprehend that the fence is now gone. The choice has to be made if the horse steps out of the pasture where he once was bound, or stay. The fence is what the horse has known, the boundaries are now open for him to run and find the pasture he has only longed for. The horse was born to run in luscious pastures, the horse was born to buck and gallop wild in the wind. He steps one slow step, then another. He begins to run, and picks up speed, he feels the breeze through his long flowing mane, and snorts as his breath becomes heavy. He lets out a cry that echoes through the tall trees, refreshing his roots of ancestry. The flanks of his legs stretch and carry him faster than he’s ever dared to run. At full speed he breaks beliefs of what he has once known, head now down, he charges forward. Now that he has tasted the breath of freedom and joy, he could never go back, he could never deny the beauty he has felt and who he truly is meant to be. Your will find your true love for life and the dreams that touch your soul when you flow in the beauty of life and stand for who you are.

Thank you for loving life.

Word of the day: Strength

Challenge: Sit in silence and let your mind create your flow, then flow in the beauty that is created for you. Your heart will tell you what is truth. Live, breathe and have fun. :)

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