Thursday, February 16, 2012

There might be a reason you don't get what you want..

Above is the song I’m listening to as I writeJ By edIT  “ltlp”. Feel free to play this song as you read this post to get the full experience. If you song ends before your done reading, start it again. J oooogabooga.
 My mind is blown. The closer my trip is getting the more I am realizing what a gift it is, this adventure that I am pursuing is far more than I thought, and it hasn’t even begun.  
WHO THE HECK TO DO YOU WANT TO BE? Create it and do it, dang it. ;)
As I walked my dog today my mind opened to the possibilities that are presented in front of me. You mean, I can be exactly who and what I’ve wanted to be, my entire life? You mean to tell me that I can solely love people? I can wear fresh flowers in my hair? Grow my hair long, be able to braid it? You mean to tell me, I can find people that share the same artistic joy, and look at life deeper than what the eye can see?  Speak to people that introduce beauty, as I have never experienced? Climb mountains without a trail? Build a shelter in a tree? Try exotic crazy foods? Wear the bright colored skirts that blow in the wind? Put beads in my hair, let a gypsy paint henna on my arm. Dance WILDLY around a fire to a drum circle til I feel my heart will beat out of my chest? Learn to dance flamenco and to feel every movement. You mean to tell me, I can do what I love and feel what passion truly means? You mean to tell me I can connect with different cultures, learn to walk their walk and talk their talk? That every step I take can be a dance? That every breath can be in gratitude? I have always dreamed of living the life of freedom, not really having a specific plan but to flow, flow to the beat of the earth and explore. Do you mean that I really can be given the gift to be everything I’ve ever wanted? This is correct? So you saying that If I truly believe? I… can… have… it?
My mind never believed it was possible, until now…
I have been learning so much about mindsets and belief systems and how they structure our reality and worlds. That some belief systems are completely false and have controlled us for years, some belief systems are due to pain, others have been taught, others observed. But what is the truth? What is real?
I have been experimenting with this lately and have found it to mind blowing to see the results of changing the way I think. I have been thinking about this the past couple days actually. A few nights ago I was feeling pretty flustered and I was wondering, where are these thoughts coming from? For I have excluded outside influences and sources that feed my brain things that don’t support where I’m going and want to be. I do not watch TV, rarely watch movies, I sensor my music and study the lyrics etc, for my mind is mine and I want to think clearly, not by what outside sources tell me I should be. I believe each of us were created to create something beautiful, if you are not able to tap into your own thoughts, creativity and mind, then you are not fully utilizing the gift you’ve been given to share, you. So with being so careful of what I place in my mind, why am I having these thoughts and doubts? AHA! I realized Tuesday night that it has been my own thoughts and misperceptions that were stomping in and crampin my style. THEY GOTTA GO. Anything that doesn’t speak life over you or stops you from living, destroy it, a wrong way of thinking is just as dangerous as a sip of poison. For it kills dreams, it kills your ambitions and excitement. Fight back. You have the choice to change your way of thinking.
Where you are in your life is because of what you know and how you think. That is the only difference between you and where you want to be, you and the heights you want to reach.
Answer: When you dream and a doubt comes up. Think about where It came from, think where you learned it. Question if it is right and if that belief has stumped you ever before. If you pray I would talk to the Lord about it. He can help cleanse your mind.
Start being aware what you put in your mind. Notice how your thoughts make you feel and what words you subconsciously memorize and sing over and over, teaching your mind to think and believe a certain way. The most important thing is you need to be aware what goes in your mind, for you are a product of your environment. You don’t have to have huge dreams, but you can have YOUR dreams and what success means to you. Start thinking more positively and correct your mindsets to truth.
Words of the day: I dare you
Challenge: I challenge you to experiment with your belief systems and begin to test them. For if you want your results to be different, then change how you do things. You guys rock, I’m proud of you and let’s conquer this. ;)


  1. Love this. Love that you dared me, thanks for that!