Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tips For Christmas Cards

Tips for Christmas cards:


The purpose of this holiday season is to show an increase of love to those around you. Christmas cards are such a fun way to show your friends in farther places that you love them and want to send them a gift. A Christmas card can go a long way.


Each card that I send is full of purpose, love and friendship. You receive way more than a card from me in this season. Here’s an idea of what my friends might receive:


* Christmas family letter: An overview of my life in the last year and what I’m excited for the next year, along with some encouragement and love.

* Mini picture of Christ with my testimony of Him on the back.


* Fun picture of me, and possibly my dog. :)

* Hand written personal message

* A couple surprises, which I won’t say, for some of my friends might read this! ;)

* Excitement! <3


Here are some tips that can help you get those cards out every season:


* Buy your cards for next year when the season is over and they are 80% off. I buy about 100.

*Buy Stamps throughout the year

* Create your own pictures in a “Paint” app or something equivalent and print them off as a regular picture. You can also put more than one pic on one slip and have multiple pictures for the price of one. People actually enjoy tiny things. They'll like your tiny picture. ;) here's what I'm doing this year:

* Start getting them ready in October to send out December 1st. This gives friends a chance to also send you a card before Christmas and you stress-free!

80 ready so far :)

* Start collecting and organizing addresses in October

* Think of your purpose for your card and do what you can to portray that. Purpose ideas: Bless someone’s life? Make them feel special and loved? Friendship? So how can you get that message across to your Christmas card readers? 

Hand stamped:)


Benefits for doing these things:


*No stress in the holiday season

*You can actually enjoy people during the season

*Your budget is not “robbed” by tons of expenses during the season

*You can focus on the important things: Loving your friends and sharing your love for Christ

*You also receive Christmas cards in the mail

*When you do them early you have the time to truly express your love for your friends and family through your Christmas cards

*It's fun to be organized!


Hopefully this is helpful during your holiday season and your Christmas cards will be glorious. Have a blessed day. <3


Love Dreamer Di


Challenge: Send Christmas cards to your loved ones this year


Words: I’m happy

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