Monday, November 21, 2011

Face your fears

Do you ever feel out of balance? Today I am working on priorities AGAIN, which feels like the thousandth time, but I am counting on my persistence to master these skills. Learning new skills is challenging, takes work and you face a lot of fears. I have been wanting to find my fears so I can face them and get rid of them. And MAN! what a trip, I am finding them.. In the past I would never let myself feel fear, for I always had a way of justifying everything into making it ok. So now.. that I'm not trying to control everything in my life I am having to face things I've never had to face before and do things I never thought I would have to do. Putting myself on the table and expressing THIS IS ME and not having to care what the response is. It's exhilarating, nerve racking and a wild ride but fun at the same time, for I know that I will come out fearless in these areas in the end.

What fears do you face? I challenge you to fight them, to stand your ground and become the person you want to be. Who I am today is because I have faced many fears, stretched the limitations I had put on myself, and fought for what I wanted and believed I could be. I don't know If you believe in God, but I feel that my journey to the present has been so much easier with Him on my side, and finally letting Him direct my life I have peace even in storms and He is directing my path in ways I never would have expected. I am so grateful for the friendship of my God.

Challenge: Think about what keeps you from your goals and dreams. Begin to stand up to it, today. (If you don't know what your goals and dreams are, start there, think of something you want and start walking towards it.) I'm proud of you! :)

Word of the day: Courage

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