Wednesday, November 23, 2011

So the last couple weeks I've let myself feel defeated.. Which I just realized today and will put an end to that! I've realized that when I move towards something big, meaningful and beautiful that is when the most opposition hits, we are tested the most and the learning curve slants vertically upward.. Know that the temptation with achieving something cool is to retreat. Hold your ground! But hey, if it were all a piece of cake then we wouldn't enjoy it as much or cherish it as much in the end.. So I've been working on a handful of things for a couple years, some longer than others, and I am ready to finally become victorious in them and I'm almost to the finish line!

I was reading back in my old journals the last couple of days and I found an exert yesterday that explained EXACTLY how I was feeling now! AHHH! Which means I'm in the same test again. I'm grateful I have more than one chance to pass a test but come on right?! I'm so grateful I write in my journal daily for I can go back and learn from the knowledge I've learned before. So pretty much I'm determined to learn this skill for good. So I'm going to work on it.

Anyway, taking care of my elderly friends all day today. Let me tell you, this job is never boring... haha but I enjoy the excitement of change daily, the entertaining senile conversations, the new experiences I have and hope to never have again, and the love and friendship I feel here, is amazing.

Challenge: Love an elderly person today! Squeeze em, conversate, give em a cookie, dance with them, whatever your little heart desires!

Word of the day: Pants

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