Monday, November 28, 2011

So I've started packing for Europe, yes, I know, I leave in three months. Starting a little early you think? Not so, I'm organizing what my true needs are, so I can buy them over time, see what I already have and maybe receive some items as gifts for Christmas. Launching to a different country, and leaving everything I know, I kinda want to feel compfortable, have what I need and leave in peace. So I am getting logistics tied down now.. I now have a place for my car while I'm away and where I will be putting my things for storage, free of cost, which is nice. I have a place for my dog to go and am almost locked into where my furniture will be. Leaving is a lot more work than just picking up and off we go, there are responsibilities to take care of and such. But over time I have learned how I work and what preparations are needed. So hopefully everything will work out.

I am grateful for my Dani Johnson training, for traveling almost every month I have learned how to need less and only bring what is neccessary, so packing for europe will be a lot easier. I am now down to bringing one carry on bag and a backpack for the trip. Which then my goal is to leave the carry on at my host families house and be able to travel with just a backpack for a couple weeks to a month. Then be able to go back to my host families and trade in some items. I'm researching what exactly is needed, what the weather will be like and where I will be going. I have a handful of friends in Europe, so I'll be planning time with them. I'm excited to see a lot of beautiful things and meet some beautiful people. :)

Well, off to Hot Yoga, which is an 80min Yoga class in 100 degrees F. and 40% humidity... Yeah yoga in a steam room. I love it.

Challenge for today: What controls your life? Stuff? Your dreams? People? I challenge you to really look at what brings you happiness and work on finding that true happiness inside yourself..

Word of the day: Sheep

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