Monday, November 14, 2011

Rationed Food

I'm in Washington DC today, I decided not to go into the city today for the transportation, bus tour and food would add up. I'm really focusing on being smart with my money. I made my decision today like this: go visit the capital, which I've toured before OR save that money for a nice seafood dinner on the beach of France... France seemed like a better option. :) I leave to Europe on February 29th 2012, for this is one of my dreams. So I have been preparing for a while.

Speaking of food, I learned about rationing my food this weekend, for I go to a seminar called First Steps to Success, which is put on by a lady named Dani Johnson, (Danijohnson.com) It's put on about once a month and you travel all over the United States and internationally too. I only bring one carryon bag with me, with everything I need, my specific outfits picked out, accesories, supplies and all my food for the 4-5 days I'm traveling. This travel organization skill I've learned and perfected over time. I brought enough food but not much excess for any extra nibbling then what I had planned for the day, and spending money wasn't an option.. So rationing was, which I am grateful for this experience, because it made me realize that some days of travel in europe I might only have the food on my back, and to make money stretch I'm going to be very frugal. So no stopping at a "fast food" or resturant, I gotta eat what I have, carefully. I believe all my needs will be taken care of while I'm there, but being being smart with what I have is a good idea too. During this thought process I realised that I am going to start preparing now by eating very small meals and only eating as I get hungry. And drinking more water with my meals to fill me up quicker. This is going to help with the weight I want to release too. I'm grateful for my earlier travels, for my food packing is smarter, more balanced diet and able to pack without a cooling source. Pretty excited to be prepared in this department for Europe. Preparing for smart/limited packing..

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