Friday, March 2, 2012

Hello from London

Feel free to listen to the jam as you read. :)

So I'm sitting here in a coffe shop in London,I am wating for my friend to meet me again.  Let me begin my trip. I was almost oblivious as i said my goodbyes, tears, but not as many as i expected. I will missed probably just as much as i miss them. I've left my life, my friends, family and dog. But this is a journey i have a long waited for. Check in was a long process. Snapped one of my gutiar strings preparing it for travel on the plane. But I see this as a gift, for now I have an excuse to connect with music people and find a music store. I also learned that my friend Naomi had planned a surprise Jam seesion with one of her guy friends. I am very excited. ;0 But from check in through the flight from Pheonix to Chicago I think I was the most scared I've ever been in my entire life. Which, I am not usually afriad of anything, but I really got hit for about 4 hours. Thinking "what the heck did I just do?" It was pretty deep thought for a while. There were moments I wanted to cry, moments I wanted my mommy, wanted to say forget it and go back home. Obviously I didnt chicken out, but those feelings were real. I am happy I don't experience those often. I ended up sitting on the plane with this adorable 16year old young man on my flight from Chicago to London and totally forgot about everything I was feeling and we got to know eachother, I also slept for 3-4 hours which was nice.

Going through customs was fun... It took me two hours to get though customs, for with a one way ticket, and not having any proof that I was planning on leaving their country anytime soon, they had to make sure I wasn't going to stay.  This is my first time traveling internationally by myself and I'm not one to necessarily research everything. Hence, I act quickly and don't let excuses hold me back, which doesnt require me to have all the information to "move." I love this about myself, for I live a wonderfully abundant life. But, I also learn things by experience this way. I give myself grace, for I felt prepared as much as I could for what I knew. I feel there are so many bases to cover, that's why I depend so heavily on the Lord. for without Him, so many things would fall through the cracks and living my dreams would be so much more challenging and maybe nonexistant. For through Him I have realized more of what is possible. So I give it a try, and usually it works out quite nicely. :) I feel that as my mind expands, I learn quickly, act quickly and consistantly, therefore my life is more rich and full. I challenge you to explore expanding your mind and possibilities.

So  as I said, immigration into the UK took 2 hours. I had to show them all my bank accounts, searched all my things. "Come with me" "Take a seat." Upstairs, downstairs etc. They even read some of my going away love letters from my friends and family. haha Which if you wrote one, thank you, for your words of kindness just uplifted  and encouraged a handful of europeans as they read your thoughts! Who knew that you too would be influencing this part of the hemisphere!! ha So I thank you on their behalf, they probably needed it. It was a long process, and I prayed they'd let me though, but there was a slight hint of humor floating in my mind, a slight giggle everyonce and a while under my breath, Im still laughing now, for I learn by experience. See, I could have taken 2 hours and researched everything I learned with international travel today. But NO, that would be oh so boring!!! haha Instead, I got to experience it first hand in that same 2 hours! This was a moment I saw the Lords sense of humor and how well He knows me. I would highly reccommend researching more before you travel, to prevent any complications. For it was a real possibility that I wouldnt have been able to come through. I do believe my kindness and honesty helped the situation. For I told Him the truth, which then He also called my friend Naomi and interviewed Her also to verify my story was correct, which I didnt have anything to worry about, for our stories matched. Honesty always wins, it is so much easier that way. I love writing stories and imporvising, but not with the law.. ha

So I finally met up with Naomi! As you exited the airport doors into the greeting area there were at least 50 people lining the area holding signs with peoples names on it. Naomi had one for me too! haha I loved it!
We bought a Sim card for my phone, exchanged money, bought me an Oyster Card, for the train, and off we went!

So the english language is different over here, and I have already made some mistakes in communication, but luckaly they have been harmless. Here's one; I talked to Naomi about going to a "charity shop" which is thrift store for us in America, because I have been releasing weight and my pants were starting to be too big on me, falling off and I wanted to get some more. She gave me a really funny look, after a min of thought she then explained that they call pants trousers and what I had said to her translated into me saying that my underwear was too big and I wanted to buy some used underwear at a thrift store. hahahaha! She has been confused and thought it was obsurd and gross I wanted to buy used underwear. haha I'm sure it wont be the last mix up, but i'm thankful for kind friends around me.

This is Naomi, isn't she beautiful! She is such a wonderful person. I am so blessed to be able to stay with her for my time in London. We are going to have so much fun! I brought my music recording system and we are going to work on some songs together. Way excited! I'm sure you'll hear about her a lot during my UK stay. :)

 This is what we ate for lunch, It is japanese food. From a cafe called wasabi, they had all assorts of sushi and foods made with seaweed. :)

This is what it looked like inside. Chicken terriaki and rice wrapped in a crispy layer on sea weed! Yum! I'm craving it now!

Here is my Microphone that I brought to record with. I am really excited to play with this! :)

By the way, I just heard a Chuck Norris joke in a British accent, from a little kid. It's official that Chuck Norris is international.
My fave Chuck Norris joke btw: Superman and Chuck Norris had a contest who was the strongest, the looser had to wear his underwear outside his pants...

When we got off the train we had to walk to Naomis house, about a 10 min walk. We were bringing all my luggage.. All of a sudden in a beautiful british accent we hear "Do you need help?" I turned to see a very attractive Man about my age, which I then replied, "well, yes, :)" He then walked with us to our house, it was fun getting to know him. He is Naomis neighbor, He wants me to come over and play my guitar for Him and a couple of neighbor friends. I gladly accepted the offer. I just need to get my guitar string fixed. I'm sure I will see him again. ;) I have always had very good luck with international men, I am glad to see that is still truth. ;)

Naomi snuck a picture! haha His name is Ryan. :)

Naomi and I had a great evening and ate soup and bread, Her housemate Barbra was very nice too. I really like her. I also got to meet Naomis neighbot sue, who's dog, a mini sheltie, had gotten out of the backyard somehow and we helped her find the hole in her fence. :) very sweet little older lady. I am at home here. :)


  1. Reading this made my freaking night!! HAHA I stinking love you and I love that you are having so much fun. I can't wait to read more and to hear from you more. I miss you so much!

    Love, me