Tuesday, March 6, 2012

London Exploration

It's been a couple days since I've written, It's been kinda nice to chill out a bit.

Friday night I realized something pretty big. I realize that in the past have never been satisfied. Which is a dangerous thought process. Ex: Dec 26, I made a goal to make $3000 extra, on top of what I made at Fairbrook with my parents, for Europe. Well, I made the goal, reached the $3000 in the 2 months and.. nothin. No celebration, no Joy, almost apathy towards it, no big deal. And I worked my tail off for it and when the reward came, it meant nothing to me. Then Arriving here in London, that is where I realized I had a problem, for all I wanted was to move on to the next thing. This really made me distraught, for I have worked so hard to get where I am, but if I do not enjoy it, I will not fully reap the rewards, this is with any goal. And from here my goals only get bigger and bigger, I will reach them, but I also want to enjoy them. I have to refocus my mind again, why I wanted to be here, what to accomplish etc. My goals have been: networking, connecting with the music world, exploring and enjoying life. I don't think I have truly enjoyed life in quite sometime. I used to be really good at it, but that was also when I didn't have any responsibilities, it is finding the balance now, between work and play. My favorite thing to do is work, but if I don't enjoy the fruits of my labor, I will soon burn out and possibly stop progressing due to protest of "this sucks, I'm a slave and everything I'm working on can kiss it" (Can you tell I've experienced this before? ;) ha) I'm now realizing that it is I that needs to learn to enjoy the moments I am in, which takes another level of trust, that I will still reach the places I want to go, even if I take the time to enjoy. So this is a new step of faith I am taking.

We walked through some beautiful Gardens.

We kept finding these Teepees all over the place, here's two of them.

Friday and Saturday Naomi and I walked all day, Like 7 hours. It was awesome, I was surprised that my body could handle speed walking for that amount of time, it did well. My job in Arizona at Fairbrook Grove I was on my feet all day, so I guess my body was used to it in some degree. :) We walked around and saw many beautiful things in London, I am going to study more about the places and go back the be able to give you more of a background. It is a beautiful city.

These are some videos of a little Market we stumbled upon :) Yum.

We rented bikes for the afternoon. only cost one pound to rent a bike for 24hours. Amazing! I'll probably do this again.

Rush hour was WAY different then I am used to. I have never seen so many people, moving so fast, in my life! I'm used to cars piled on a busy freeway, but not in London, getting on the train, which they call the tube, was intense! You pack in these little train cars like sardines! I was comfortable with the fact because I like to go to Music concerts, and be close to the front, and also huge dance parties, so body on body in a small area was normal. haha I would have taken a picture, but people didn't look very happy and I'm trying to be a part of the culture not a tourist. But I will see what I can do so you can see what I mean. The train system is really cool here. I am going to adventure out more the next couple days.
 Here's some more pictures :)

This is Royal Albert Hall, One of the most famous venues of the world, it is absolutely beautiful! Me and Naomi are going to see a show here the 17th of March called Classical Spectacular. Where The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra is going to play all the classics with thundering cannons and indoor fireworks. I am so excited for this show!

Common Gardens

Isn't she pretty!

Words of the day: "To be or not to be", and "Slow internet can die."

Challenge: Go to the market and buy yourself something from a different country. You might like it! ;) Yum.

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