Thursday, March 8, 2012

I swear! I don't do drugs.. Im just happy!

I feel stinkin amazing. I have had the best day today.

I made a new friend, named James. He was the water system repair man, He ended up staying and hanging out for an hour, luckily I was one of His last jobs.. :) We had the best chat, laughed, talked about tons of things, I played him some of my music I am working on right now and I'm excited to hang out with Him again. Such a wonderful guy! I am really enjoying the kind Men I am meeting here in London!

I went to bikram yoga. Which is where you do a 90 min yoga class in a 100 degree 40% humidity room and you sweat your guts out and I love it! I practiced this type of Yoga in the states and I'm so happy I found it here too! It is quite different than the yoga I practice before, but enough the same that I don't feel like a beginner. A couple more classes and I'll know the order of postures and be able to flow. :)

I ate like a champ. Had 2 meals today. Dark leafy lettuce wraps filled with rice, chicken, carrots, cream cheese, raw smoked salmon and hot sauce(duh). Some deliciously chewy grain bread, slightly warmed with butter and honey. Lots of water and a piece of hazel nut chocolate for a treat. :) Yummy.

I had the house to myself, so I decided to have some fun. Sometimes I like to talk to myself and act out scenes, and I took well advantage of it tonight! I had the most amazing night chatting with imaginary friends in imaginary scenarios. Gosh, sounds so crazy, but I really had fun.

I imagined a beautiful Spanish man named Alejandro, tall, with wavy hair, slightly past His ears. His eyes were dark brown and you could almost not stare at them, for they were so beautiful and true. Large stature with nice definition in his arms, with a very defined collar bone. I'll stop there, but all I can say is he was a HUNK! haha

We took a train to the coast of Spain and he surprised me by taking me to the BEST sea food restaurant. (my fave) Where I had the most amazing shrimp, cooked in the most delicious butter I have ever tasted in my life, then with a slight sprinkle of garlic! OOOO! And the rice was so tasty I wished I could eat one piece of rice at a time. While the cooked carrots! Oh the carrots! Were cooked perfectly decorated, slightly sweet and smoky, almost so good I wondered if they were sprinkled with magic! The desert was a masterpiece, a round fist sized Chocolate Mountain of cake heaven with hot caramel rolling off the edges onto the hot plate. Served with two spoons we each took a bite. As the steam radiated from our mouths, our breath was taken away by the gasp of deliciousness and a moment of silence just magically happened throughout the entire restaurant. (haha)

After dinner we walked in the moon light on the beach. I was barefoot, by the way, and I was walking closest to the ocean and the waves were lightly caressing my feet... He was ever so smooth as he caught my hand, gently, mid swing. Which surprised me, every blood cell and molecule of breath in my body was giving a round of applause in joy, yet, I played it cool... THEN! All of a sudden, smiling sweetly, I took a step... And low and behold! right under my step, was a crab! I nearly had a baby as I screamed a high C and leaped ferociously into the air, and you'll never guess, it happens just like in movies. I happened to leap right into Alejandro's arms!!!!!!!!! (Insert sappy instrumental music here)

Which I then cleared my throat and said, "Uhhhh, I... think I stepped on something." You know, that moment when you expect something so romantic to be said, and you hold your breath in suspense!! But instead it's this dead end line and you roll you eyes because you had hoped it was a kissing scene... Yeah yeah, I've been with you when you've watched these movies, I've seen your reactions. haha But come on, Alejandro and I are just starting to get to know each other! Kissing so soon would be too easy, have some respect!

Anyway the night ended wonderfully and he walked me home, He kissed my hand like a gentleman, and I shut the door.
The End (Applause, applause, standing ovation, "beautiful show!")

This is why I don't watch TV, I create my own Romantic Drama. ;)

When this story comes true you KNOW I will tell you about it. hahaha

It might be a bit awkward if the neighbors saw as I pranced around the house with glee in my own imaginations.

Word of the day: Buckwheat

Goal: To one day learn “I before e except after c” so I don’t have to keep spell checking words like believe, receive and perceive.

Challenge: I don't care how old you think you are, this is for you too.
Step One: Find a place you feel comfortable talking out loud to yourself
Step Two: Create an imaginary friend
Step Three: Let you imagination create a wonderful story for you to play in
Step Four: ACTION! Have fun, laugh hysterically, have your imaginary friend give you gifts, spend an outrageous amount on an elegant dinner on the coast of Australia, dance, cry etc!

You rock, and I love you, good luck ;)
Dreamer Di


  1. Diana , I have enjoyed so much following your blog. I think you are amazing and so inspiring with all that you are accomplishing. I love love love this post. It reminds me of my little boy who has an imagination that is way way beyond his age . So many people have told me that I need to take him to a child psychologist and make sure it is "normal" . I am convinced he is 100% healthy ... why does it hurt to dream and be imaginative.

    1. Wow, I am so happy to hear that your son has a beautiful imagination. I believe He will do great things with it. Thank you for your kind words and for following my blog. You are amazing as well, and I love seeing you as a happy momma and wife. :) Your children and family are beautiful.