Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Gods Response

You know, I am proud of myself today.

I have continued on with my routine today as before. Yes, I have a couple new hiccups and extra things added to my list to clean up the mess from Saturday, but I can move freely today.

The past three days I have had to take extra care of myself. Slept a lot more, slowed down and gave myself time to process. I am so blessed to be self employed so I CAN take that time to heal and rest.

I believe I can move freely today because I have let go and forgiven. I did a lot of writing yesterday and seemed to process well and find peace. I'm so happy I have been able to let go of blame and holding pain in. I have let go because I trust God and let him help me.

I turned to him right away.

I didn't know if he'd want to talk to me after what happened, but I was surprised by his response. He was gentle, He was loving, He was kind. Here's a piece of what He said:

"My dear sweet Diana. I am not mad at thee. Your choices do come with consequences, but you have the power to work through them. I am not here to condemn you at this time, but here to love you. I know your heart, I know thou art good. Mistakes from the natural man happen. Continue to study my word that you may be protected in the future. Continue to take care of yourself and sleep. For is keeps you level headed. I am with you. I will never leave you. Thank you for coming to me right away after your decision.  Yes, you have made a mistake, but I give you another chance. Every instance can be used for your good. 

Come to me, ask of me, follow me."

I am at peace and encouraged.

Love Dreamer Di

Challenge: Come to God in your challenges. Ask Him to show you He loves you. He will. :)

Word: Comfort

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