Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Worth It

I am learning to believe in myself.


When throwing in the towel is the easiest option, where it seems like everything I've invested in myself is going in the trash, when belief seems to be burning around me, I have found myself standing up for myself, to myself.


In those moments of wanting to give up I've started to say, "Wait, but I believe that piece of you is precious and useful, you wouldn't want to throw that away?" "Wait, I know we've been working hard and I've seen progress there, we're making progress and we should keep going" 


I have had to work on belief in my own worth and what I have to offer. Now, in the moment where I literally could choose if I'm going to give up on this or not, this is where I am finding worth in my work. Finding that what I have to offer the world is something beautiful. I never felt that before.


I've moved because I believe God wants me to do something. I've moved because my heart burned to create. It's one thing to hear someone tell you, and another to actually believe it.


If you asked me what my skills are, strengths, what I love, I can tell you that. But could I tell you that I believed in it? Could I tell you that I had worth? Could I tell you that who I am can actually help the world? I don't know. All I know is, now, more and more, I feel that what I am doing is worth it. I'm believing in myself.


I feel like this might be where the power comes in. Because I believe that God does help me, I believe he had a plan for me and I believe that he has a purpose for the things that are inside me. But without my belief in the plan, how can I move? 


I still have a long way to go to go, and a lot of things that have been promised, which I have yet to see, but I'm going keep going. I believe it will be worth it. I believe the love that I feel, the passion that burns inside of me meant to be shared with the world. And I'm going to share it.


No matter how much I’m being stretched right now and how many barriers I feel like I'm breaking through, I will continue forward. Thank you to everyone that have been helping me over this little bump.

I am gaining another advocate, myself.


Believe in yourself and what you love,

Love Dreamer Di


Challenge: Join God in loving the beautiful gifts and pieces of you


Words: Flowers, Sparkles, China

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