Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Give Yourself What You Need

Good morning Dreamers,

I've been up since 3am, thinking.

Not the most ideal hour, but I realize it's because I didn't give myself time to think/process yesterday. By not planning time to meditate and think, I unknowingly I filled each minute of my day.

I'll give myself grace in that then, and take responsibility for not giving my mind what it needed. And what it needs right now is time, space, to process. So I will give it the opportunity to do so.

It's been interesting to find a balance for each piece of me. Example: now I have to plan a nap into my day to give my physical body what it needs.

I've learned the hard way that being imbalanced in any of these areas creates chaos and potential pain from failure.

It's taken trial and error methods to come up with the solutions and conclusions I have.

I respected my mind this morning by not getting angry for being awake but giving it a couple hours to work some things out.

Since my nervous breakdown in February 2012 I have had to learn how to give my mind and body what they need, not overwork them, and listen to them. 

I am learning how to honor my presence as a whole. I have blown by my body, mind and spirits desires for years. Disregarded their intentions, wisdom and needs. In doing so, it has brought me results and problems I do not want.

All I know is, because I have taken the time to get to know my body, mind and spirit, I am learning their needs, and my life is unfolding beauty. It is pleasent. 

We are so complexly made.

Balance is where I find peace. 

God has been a great help, friend and guide.

Hope you have a great day.

Might be nap time already,
Love Dreamer Di

Challenge: Contunue listening to your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical needs so you can balance and find peace.

Word: Almond 

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